Crash & Burn Gallery 2004

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Miguelito Torres and his horse slid out in the end zone during the Pacific Coast Open in Santa Barbara. Both rider and horse were fine.

Joe Wayne Barry took a bad fall with his horse in the FIP World Cup Games. He injured his hand, but was able to finish the match. He was unable to play in any other games during the tournament. Chris Maloney had a crash and burn and he broke his collar bone and was unable to play in the Spreckel's Cup Finals. Manny Rodriguez was hit in the face with a ball on the rise. He has a slight fracture in his cheek bone. He is recovering and doing better.

Agustin Zavaleta is suffering from broken ribs after a fall in Santa Barbara. His brother Henry Zavaleta came up from Argentina to sub for him and he also got injured in a wreck. They took him to the hospital with a neck injury. He was discharged the same day and doing well.

Sept. 04 - Oct. 04 Reports -

On Sunday Aug. 15th in San Diego, Graham Bray took a tumble off of his horse, but got right back on. Agustin Zavaleta did a summersalt off of his horse in the same game. He was okay and got back on to finish the game. In San Diego it was a real Friday the 13th as it started early as David Rose fell under a horse and broke his ankle. Then the Palomino (Jason Crowder) caught a appealing Mini Mike Matz’ Taco  (mallet) with his nose.  Then Shane Rice got hit with a barrel of something and hurt his ankle.  Tavo Bermudez took a fall and has a concusion and will be out of play until the World Cup in France.

July '04 Crash Reports: Kauai Polo Club -   Silence hit the field when John Elwin and his horse went down.  Fast action by teammates averted a serious accident, and within minutes both Elwin and his horse were back in action. 

Indio, CA - Carol Hempker took a spill in the Chupacabras Tournament in Indio last week. She landed hard and was rolled over by the horse. She will be out for a month or so it seems she escaped with some stretching and tearing of muscles and ligaments in the shoulder and neck area. Submitted by Christian Moon.

Santa Barbara - T.J. Barrack injured his right hand and arm while rescuing pets from a locked-burning car. He will be out of play for 5 to 6 weeks. Submitted by Steve Crowder.

San Diego - Mark Register broke his arm when his horse decided to freak out when he was tacking it up and his arm got caught up in the tack and was broken. Mike Matz broke his thumb during a game.

June '04: Crash Reports - We all hope Cary Burch recovers quickly from his illegal dismount at Lakeside today. His horse stumbled and Cary did a slow roll over the horses neck. He broke his collar bone. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

David Teater is recovering from 2 broken bones in his left hand suffered last Sunday at Poway. We also wish David a quick recovery. Submited by Russ Sheldon of Poway, CA

It was a little wild in Santa Barbara during the Tuscany game. Bob Fell decided to eliminate 7 -goaler Hugo Barabucci in one of the wildest wrecks I have seen in a while. Three people were involved and Brad Blake escaped because he was in the left lane as Bob Fell came in hard from the slow lane upending Hugo and his own horse as they both rolled and both players were on the ground for several minutes. All were well, just showing us their acrobatic skills. Submitted by Steve Crowder

May's Crash & Burn Diary

Justin Klentner May 9, '04 - Santa Barbara, CA - Click here to see the entire series of shots from this Crash & Burn.

March's Crash & Burn Diary

Billy Mayberry - Billy got bucked off and belly flopped onto the field. He was flying. He tried to get back on and finish the game, but his shoulder and ribs were too sore and had to get off his horse. Billy is okay but does have some sore ribs and a very sore shoulder.

Denny Geiler - Denny's horse reared up and he came off. He is okay and was able to finish the game with a win.

Manny Questel - Not sure exactly how he came off, but he hit the turf this past weekend. He was okay and able to get back on and finish the game.

Clemente Zavaleta - This young gun came off three times in a 4 chukker game. Not quite sure of the details, but he is okay and I'm sure the horses are fine too.

Julio Zavaleta - Julio game off during a 14-goal match. Click here to view the video clip.

Carlitos Galindo - Carlitos Galindo came off and we caught it on video. Click here to view the clip.

Mark Register - Mark's horse took a nose dive during a 4-goal match. Mark and the horse went down and both horse and rider were okay. Mark did switch horses just to be on the safe side. Click here to view photos.

Cody Woodfin - Cody had a graceful dismount during the 8-goal finals on Sunday. He landed on his feet. Click here to view photos.

Carlos Galindo - Carlos came off during the 8-goal finals. We are not sure what happened. It took a few seconds for people to realize that he came off his horse. He hopped back on and finished the chukker.

Christine Walker - During a 4-goal game Christine and her horse went down behind the goal posts. The horse was okay, but Christine suffered a broken nose and serious concussion. I received an e-mail from her this week and she is feeling better. She is back at work and on the road to recovery. We are glad she is okay! She said it was okay to nominate her for the March contest, so we've added her to the list.

Mike Matz - Mike came off of his horse during a 2-goal match. Both horse and rider were fine.

Please send in submissions for March. Please send submissions to us via
e-mail. Thanks.

February's Crash & Burn Diary

Christian Moon - Christian took a tumble during a game. He and the horse were fine. Click here to see a video clip of his crash and burn.

Ashton Wolf - Not sure what happened, but I heard he needs to be added to the list. After all his nick name is "Crashton Ashton" since he is known for coming off his horse often.

Darren Zuzow - Darren slide off his horse when it reared up and twisted during a 2-goal game. Darren was a little sore but was okay. He got back on and finished the chukker. Since he is sponsoring the Leather CPR Crash & Burn Awards he won't be on the voting roster. Click here to see a video clip of his Crash & Burn.

Player Unknown (please send in name if you know this rider. He was playing with Caroline Anier in the 2-goal on Sat., Feb. 21st. This horse reared up in the line-up and he slid off. Both horse and rider were fine. Click here to see his fall on video.

Pedro Orellana - Pedro took a rough tumble in an 8-goal match on Saturday afternoon. He was uninjured and finished the game. Click here to view pictures.

Billy Ramos - Billy hit the goal post during a 2-goal match and then tumbled off his horse. Billy and his horse were fine. Click here to view photos.

Bryan Middleton - He came off his horse during an 8-goal match. He took a short break but got back on a finished the game.

Mariano Fassetta - He and his horse slid-out on field #1 during the Sunday Show. Both horse and rider were fine. Click here to see the video of his crash & burn.

Roxy Keyfauver - Her horse slipped out from under her. Both horse and rider were okay.

Jason Crowder - The Palomino ate dirt when he hit the ground. He is recovering from a dislocated shoulder and is not playing for a while. We hope to see him back on the field soon.

Shane Rice - The Rice Man Shane had some plowing when he took a fall.

Dan Walker - took a spill on field 1 during the 14-goal Sunday Show on Feb. 8th. He had no injuries and got back on to finish the match. Dan had another really rough wreck on Friday Feb. 20th. Not sure of the details of the second one, but will post more information when it becomes available.

Alvaro Tadeo - Alvaro fell off during a 4-Goal game on Feb. 7th. He has bad bruising on his arm, but other than that he seems to have no serious injuries.

January's Crash & Burn Diary

Mariano Gutierrez - Mariano was substituting for a friend and riding unfamiliar horses in . One of the horses decided to rear up and hit the turf with Mariano twice in one chukker. Mariano switched horses after that. Both horse and rider were fine. Click here to view the subsequent falls.

Mariano Fassetta - Click here to view one of his field 1 falls.

Rodrigo Moran -
Rodrigos horse sat down during a ride-off and through a serious of very interesting contortions was able to get up and buck him off. Click here to view the photos.

Katie Moon -
Katie took a bad spill and broke her collarbone. She is doing much better and plans to play in the ladies tournament in April.

Negro Gularte -
Negro was broke an ankle and tore the ligamints his ankle when he game off his horse during a 14-goal match on field 1. He was out for the rest of the Eldorado season, but plans to be playing again this summer.

Ted Okie -
Ted took a face first dive onto the turf. He was fine. Ted didn't know what happened, but he was fine. He hopped back on and finished the chukker.

Bryan Middleton -
Bryan has fallen off several times. He has no injuries and is able to finish the games.

Gaston Von Wernich

Laura Handley -
Laura's cutting horse got spooked on the track and the horse went one way and Laura went the other. She seperated her shoulder, but is already back in the saddle playing polo.

Alex Hagen -
Al's horse slipped on his own Empire Fields and he broke his shoulder or collar bone. The horse was fine and I believe Al's now recovered.

Joseph Stuart

If you know of other falls that are not noted here, please submit them to us via e-mail. Or if you are listed and do not want to participate, please let us know.

March Crash & Burn
and the Grand Finale Crash & Burn Winner of the season . . .

Mike Matz (March Crash & Burn Winner), Sandra, Darren Zuzow of Leather CPR and Pedro Orellana (Season Grand Finale Winner).

February's Crash & Burn Winner
Shane Rice and Leather CPR's
Darren Zuzow.

January's Crash & Burn Winner
Ted Okie and Leather CPR's Darren Zuzow.

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