The Central Coast Polo Club
Kick-off Tournament
April 5th, 2003

The Central Coast Polo Club, located in San Luis Obispo, California hosted its 2nd Annual Open House and Kick-off Tournament on April 5th to a large local crowd. The club, which was started in March of 2002 by Megan Carter Towle, is primarily a stepping stone arena facility. The Club was organized to be a backbone to the local collegiate team from California Polytechnic State University. Located at Buckley Stables, the club sponsors two collegiate teams, a high school scholastic team, and many adult-student learners. The Tournament was a spotlight on some of the talent the club has attracted. Last year the tournament brought in local polo players, Padger El Efendi and Barry Meyers both well known for their umpiring and teaching backgrounds.

On the black team representing Embassy Suites: Kim Rivers, Jessica Melinat, Kristin Trabert

On the red team representing Central coast Polo Club: Cori Ramsey, Pete Laughlin, Teacy Hebden

This year the teams were comprised of collegiate veterans making their return to the polo arena. Pete Laughlin, who was on the UC Davis’s championship team in the mid eighties, and is now, working on the Central Coast, captained the Central Coast Polo Club Team. Cori Ramsey, a member of the high school scholastic team, and Teacy Hebden a graduating senior from Cal Poly State University assisted him.
The captain of the Embassy Suites team was Kim Rivers, previously Kim Fisher, a graduate from UC Santa Barbara, who played four years at the Santa Barbara Polo Club. Kristin Trabert and Jessica Melinat, both juniors at Cal Poly State University completed the team.The game, which was very clean producing only six penalty shots ended in a tie. The high-scorers were Pete Laughlin with two, Kim Rivers with two, and Kristin T., Jessica M. and Teacy H., Cori R. each with a goal. The day was capped off with a BBQ lunch and old polo stories.