Gehache won the IntraCircuit Cup finals. From left to right: Glen Holden, Guillermo Caset, Sr., Alfonso Giannico and Mike Sheller. Photo by Kim Kumpart.

Mansour won the Consolation finals. From left to right: Mike Matz, Mariano Gonzalez, Monserratt, and Ben Solemani. Photo by Kim Kumpart.

Santa Barbara Polo Club

June 29th, '03: Santa Barbara, CA – The finals and consolation match of the USPA IntraCircuit Cup took place today. The finals match of the IntraCircuit between Gehache and Springbok concluded in a 10-9 overtime victory in favor of Gehache. Qualifying Gehache to represent the Pacific Coast in the prestigious National IntraCircuit Tournament. The Pacific Circuit of the US Polo Association is the largest in the USPA, equal to being the 5th largest country of the 86 countries playing polo in terms of number of players. In the consolation, Mansour defeated Stonnington Group 11-10 in overtime.

In the final, Guillermo "Sapo" Caset, Jr. and Guillermo Caset, Sr. battled the entire match. Each player led their teams into position to win, but only Caset, Sr. was successful as he managed to score the game-winning goal in overtime. Gehache benefited from the play of supporting teammates. Mike Sheller scored 3 goals and Alfonso Giannico converted a goal early in the match that set the stage for the game. Springbok, on the other hand received very little offensive assistance from supporting members of the team.

Mariano Gonzales played an excellent match from beginning until the end. Scoring 5 of Mansour’s 6 first half goals. Gonzalez provided a 4-goal advantage going into halftime. The second half, however, was characterized by dangerous fouls close to the goal that benefited Stonnington Group. They used several penalty goals to gain momentum and spark a 7-2 run in the fourth and fifth chukkers, which brought the match to a 9-9 tie. After each team scored in the final chukker, Ben Solemani converted a shot in overtime to give Mansour the victory.

The USPA IntraCircuit Cup has concluded the Late Spring Season. Fields will be closed until July 11 when the Summer Season begins with the Robert Skene Trophy.

STONNINGTOM 1-0-1-4-3-1=10 MANSOUR 2-3-1-2-1-1-1=11
M. Walker 4 (4pnlty) D. Walker 4 Gonzalez 8 (4pnlty) Matz 1
Cossio 1 Monserratt 1 Solemani 1

GEHACHE 2-1-1-2-2-1-1=10
SPRINGBOK 1-4-2-0-0-2-0=9
G. Caset 6 (2pnlty) Sheller 3 S. Caset 7 (1 pnlty) Von Wernich 2
Giannico 1

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