Hildon Queen's Cup Finals
June 15th, '03 - Guards Polo Club in England
The team members for Dubai ( Green/White) were – Ali Saeed Albwardy (1) Lolo Castagnola (10) Adolfo Cambiaso (10) and Matt Lodder (2). The team members for Labegorce (White /Red) were Hubert Perrodo (0) Alberto Heguy (9) Carlos Gracida (9) and Sebastian Dawnay (4). Photo by Nigel Kaye.

Photo by Nigel Kaye.

Photo by Nigel Kaye.
Photo by Nigel Kaye.
Photo by Nigel Kaye.
Photo by Nigel Kaye.
Photo by Nigel Kaye.
Hildon Queen's Cup Finals


Adolfo Cambiaso claimed his fourth Queen's Cup victory after Dubai's tense 11-10 victory over Labegorce (rec 1) in the Hildon Queen's Cup on beautiful Queen's Ground last Sunday. His fortunes in this tournament are a marked contrast to his opposite number Carlos Gracida, who despite a record number of victories in the British Open, has yet to add his name to the Queen's Cup. However, Carlos did not go home empty handed as he was named the most valuable player of the match after some great play.

Labegorce, last year's runners-up, started the game with a goal as Dubai's back, Matt Lodder, had his handicap raised from one to two during this tournament. They kept this advantage for the first half of the game, leading 7-5 at half-time. Gracida and his number two Pepe Heguy were working well together while their back, Sebastian Dawnay was managing to keep Dubai out of much of the game.

It was all change in the fourth with Cambiaso scoring from the line-up and then almost immediately scoring again to level the scores. Then some great play from Ali Albwardy and Lodder gave Dubai the lead for the first time in the game.

The fifth saw the lead see-saw between the teams with Heguy picking up a lovely ball from Dawnay to score to level once again. Cambiaso and Castagnola, now producing some of team-work that has so impressed throughout this tournament, gave Dubai the lead, only for Pepe to level almost immediately. Then Gracida produced a flying run down the field, followed by a fabulous under-the-neck shot to give Labegorce the lead going into the sixth chukka.
Cambiaso scored from the line-up to make it 10-10. Heguy's shot went wide, but Castagnola, from Cambiaso, found the flags to give them victory with just a minute on the clock.

HM The Queen presented the silver Queen's Cup, which has been played for at Guards since 1960, to Ali Albwardy. She then presented Adolfo Cambiaso and his groom Miguel with the best playing pony award for Pampita, a 12-year-old mare whom he played in the fifth chukka.

Dubai: Ali Albwardy (1); Lolo Castagnola (10); Adolfo Cambiaso (10); Matt Lodder (2). Labegorce: 1, Hubert Perrodo (0); Pepe Heguy (9); Carlos Gracida (9); Sebastian Dawnay (4).

In the subsidiary final for the Hildon Cup, on Saturday 14 June, Urs Schwarzenbach's Black Bears ran out the winners of a tight and even-handed match, defeating Graffham 10-9. The scores remained close throughout the game and it was left to Javier Novillo Astrada to score in a sudden death seventh chukka. Schwarzenbach returned to Guards on the Sunday to receive the Cup from HM The Queen. A 12-year-old bay gelding, Manuel, was named best playing pony of the game. He had been played by Graffham's Miguel Astrada.

Black Bears: Urs Schwarzenbach (0); Eduardo Novillo Astrada (9); Javier Novillo Astrada (9); Ryan Pemble (4). Graffham: Gillian Johnston (1); Thomas Llorente (8); Miguel Astrada (9); Tom Morley (4).

Hildon Queen's Cup league matches

Graffham 10 Black Bears 8
Labegorce 13 Millarville Atlantic 11
Oaklands Park 9 La Margarita 7
Dubai 12 Cadenza 9
FCT 16 Black Cats 8
Azzurra 10 Hildon Sport 7
Oaklands Park 13 Graffham 12
Dubai 13 FCT 12 (for the Richard Watt Cup)
Black Bears 9 La Margarita 5
Labegorce 13 Hildon Sport 7
Cadenza 14 Black Cats 13
Azzurra 12 Millarville Atlantic 5
La Margarita 8 Graffham 7
Dubai 13 Black Cats 11
Hildon Sport 11 Millarville Atlantic 6
Oaklands Park 8 Black Bears 6 (for the Gerald Leigh Cup)
Cadenza 11 FCT 8
Labegorce 10 Azzurra 9

Hildon Cup semi finals
Graffham (best placed third) 9 Cadenza (2nd placed second) 6
Black Bears (3rd placed second) 11 FCT (2nd best third) 7

Hildon Queen's Cup semi-finals
Dubai (1st league one) 12 Azzurra (best placed second) 11
Labegorce (1st league three) 12 Oaklands Park (1st league two) 11


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