Calgary Polo Club - American Day Polo Championship - July 4th, '03
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Millarville won the American Day Polo Championship Cup on July 4th, '03. From left to right: Joey Casey, Mariano Gonzalez, Daniel Roenisch and Frederick Mannix, Jr.
Photo by Lynn Bremner

Buenos Aires was the runner-up for the America Championship Cup. From left to right: Julio Zavaleta, Tomas Pieres, Juan Badiola and Benjamin Araya. Photo by Lynn Bremner
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By Kerri Kerley

The Calgary Polo Club hosted a spectacular 4th of July celebration with an action packed polo game, wonderful food, and a breath taking fire-works display. Team Millarville competed with Team Buenos Aires for the American Day Championship Cup. It was a great game from start to finish, with 6 chukkers of thrills and a couple of spills. In the end Team Millarville narrowly defeated Buenos Aires by a score of 9 to 8. However the action did not stop there, at dusk the skies over the Ranch House were lit up with an amazing array of fireworks. It was definitely a Birthday to remember!

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