ROBERT SKENE 16 - 20 GOAL Teams & Results


Santa Barbara, CA—The Robert Skene Trophy concluded Sunday with the exciting championship match between Duende and Grant’s Farm. Grant’s Farm, led by Matias Magrini, defeated Duende 14-13 with a remarkable comeback and overtime heroics.

(Grant's Farm from left to right: Steve Crowder (Coach), Andy Busch, Matias Magrini, Mrs. Skene, Jeff Blake, and Mike Matz.)

Late in the first half, Duende held a 9-3 advantage over Grant’s Farm. 6 converted penalty shots and 3 goals by Hector Galindo produced this apparent overwhelming obstacle for Grant’s Farm. Looking to Magrini for leadership, the team captain converted his fourth consecutive penalty shot shortly into the second half. This marked the halfway point of an 8-0 run for Grant’s Farm, which pushed them into a 2-goal lead. In the final two chukkers, neither team could maintain a lead as overtime ensued. In overtime, a technical foul on Grant’s Farm coach, Steve Crowder, led to a penalty shot by Paco De Narvaez. The shot sailed wide right and allowed Andy Busch to be the hero as he scored the game-winning goal. Mrs. Elizabeth Skene was on hand to present the team wining trophies. Best Playing Pony awards went to Duende patron Mike Hakan for his gelding " Piojito" and to 8 Goal player Hector Galindo for his black mare ‘ Call Girl". The USPA America’s Cup will begin on Friday July 25 at noon. Finals will be on Sunday, August 3. More information is available on the club web site at

DUENDE 4-3-2-0-3-1-0=13

GRANT’S FARM 2-1-3-4-1-2-1=14

Kampsen 6 (5 pnlty) Magrini 6 (5 pnlty) Blake 5 Busch 2
Galindo 5 (1 pnlty) Matz 1
De Narvaez 2 (2 pnlty)

Santa Barbara, CA—
The Robert Skene Trophy continued Sunday with the 1:00 PM consolation match between San Saba and Everglades. San Saba, led by Augustin Merlos, defeated Everglades, but not without a late game charge from 7-Goal player Tiger Kneece. The final score was 12-11.
In the first half, Everglades benefited from penalty shots as they converted 4 en route to a 6-5 halftime advantage. The second half began with a 7-0 run by San Saba. Merlos and Guillermo ‘Sapo’ Caset, Jr. controlled the fourth and fifth chukkers, scoring 4 and 3 goals, respectively. With a 12-6 lead, San Saba appeared to have match won; however, Kneece inspired the Everglades team to compete for 7 final minutes as they mounted a 5-0 comeback rally. Fortunately, for San Saba a 6-goal advantage withstood the challenge after a penalty shot went wide.

SAN SABA (1 hdcp) 1-2-1-4-3-0=12
Merlos 7 (1 pnlty) Caset 4

EVERGLADES 3-1-2-0-0-5=11

Kneece 8 (5 pnlty) Rinehart 2 (1 pnlty)
Barry 1

Jul. 13
11:00 am Duende defeated Everglades 14-11
1:00 pm Windsor Capital defeated Antelope 16-10
3:00 pm Grant's Farm Manor defeated San Saba 15-8
July 18
12:00 pm 1st Round of Consolation  
San Saba defeated Antelope 15-7
2:00 pm Semi Final  
Duende defeated Isla Carroll 18-13
4:00 pm Semi Final  
Grant's Farm defeated Windsor Capital in OT 11-10
July 20

1:00 Consolation Final

San Saba defeated Everglades 12-11

3:00 Final
Grant's Farm
defeated Duende in OT 14-13

Photo by Kim Kumpart.

Antelope -20 Goals   Isla Carroll - 20 Goals  
Geoff Palmer 1 Julio Gracida 2
Agustin Zavaleta 5 Jeff Hall 7
Pancho Bensadon 8 Mike Azzaro 10
Marcelo Abbiati 6 John Goodman 1
Windsor Capital - 20 Goals   Duende - 20 Goals  
Weston Gracida 1 Mike Hakan A
Adam Snow 10 Kris Kampsen 5
Mariano Gonzalez 8 Hector Galindo 8
Pat Nesbitt 1 P. de Narvaez 7
Everglades - 20 Goals   San Saba - 19 Goals  
Skeeter Johnston 2 Tommy Lee Jones 1
Tiger Kneece 7 Sapo Caset 6
Owen Rinehart 8 Agustin Merlos 9
Joe Wayne Barry 3 Luis Echezarreta 3
Grant's Farm - 20 Goals      
Mike Matz 1    
Jeff Blake 6    
Matias Magrini 8    
Andy Busch 5