Las Colinas Polo Club in Dallas Texas
Polo Salutes Britain 6 & 10 Goal
July 12 2003
Winning Team Bar Z :
Barry Zindel, WiIl Tankard, Mike McCleary and Jeff Mero

Winning Team Willowbend: Collen Clark, Robert Payne, Tamara Payne, Sam Leake and Robert Payne III

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Justine Sweeney, 214-542-5571

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Polo Salutes Britain 10-goal

Final Game:

Bar Z: 10
Las Colinas: 6

Bar Z faces Las Colinas in the Polo Salutes Britain Cup. The match was delayed by 40 minutes of rain, but playing conditions were surprisingly good. Bar Z started with one on handicap but Las Colinas’ Gonzalo Diz evened it right away. Bar Z’s Jeff Mero scored next and then Will Tankard closed out chukker one scoring making it 3-1 in favor of Bar Z. Tankard and Mike McCleary scored in the second for Bar Z matched by Ed Scanlon and Chad Kraml for Las Colinas making it 5-3 Bar Z after two chukkers. The next couple of chukkers were quiet but the fifth was quite in favor of Bar Z as Jeff Mero scored twice and Tankard once to extend their lead to 8-4 going into the last chukker. Bar Z’s Mero and Barry Zindel the lead before late goals from Diz and Kraml narrowed the gap to 10-6 making the Bar Z team victorious in Polo Salutes Britain Cup.

Polo Salutes Britian 4-6 Goal

Final Game:
Willowbend: 6
Ivanhoe: 3

Ivanhoe and Willowbend met in the 6 goal finals July 12 in the final low goal match of the spring/summer season. Willowbend moved right through the opposition to get to the finals, having already defeated Ivanhoe previously in this tournament. Chukker one had Willowbend’s Robert Payne scoring first, but Ivanhoe’s Katherine Barber quickly answered only to have Payne give Willowbend back the lead. Ivanhoe’s Will Tankard tied it only to have Sam Leake give Willowbend their third lead of the busy first chukker. The father son duo of Robert Payne and his son Rob added one each in the second to extend the Willowbend lead to 5-2. A relatively quiet third chukker favored Willowbend with the older Payne scoring the only goal of the chukker making it 6-2. Ivanhoe scored one in the fourth but not enough to overcome Willowbend’s lead. The Willowbend team of Rob Payne III, Sam Leake, Robert Payne and Collen Clark won three of the five six goal tournaments at Las Colinas during the spring/summer season

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