June 22, 2003: Santa Barbara Polo Club: Stonnington Group and Gehache Winners Today

The USPA IntraCircuit Cup first round continued today with matches between Mansour and Stonnington Group, as well as Springbok and Gehache. Stonnington Group won their wmatch agains Mansour in overtime 14-13, and Gehache defeated Springbok 7-6.

The match between Mansour and Stonnington Group was a game of runs. Mansour began the match with 2 quick goals in the first chukker by Mariano Gonzalez; however, in the second chukker Diego Cossio and Matt Wlaker combined to created a 4 goal run. Despite a late run by Mansour, Stonnington Group regained command of the match and led 7-4 at the half. In the remaining periods, the trend continued as Mansour was only unable to overcome the deficit. Late in the Fifth Chukker, Mansour captured a 2-goal advantage which was erased by Dan Walker as he sent the match into overtime. In overtime, Matt Walker completed Stonnington Group's road to the victory.

Spingbok and Gehache played a compettitive match from the beginning to the end. Behind Guillermo 'Sapo' Caset, jr., Springbok captured an early 4-2 lead by halftime. The second half belonged to Guillermo Caset, Sr.. His 5 second half goals were the only points for Gehache in the half, each of them important as the match ended in a 7-6 Gehache victory.

The IntraCircuit Cup will continue on June 27th with matches between Mansour and Gehache, and Stonnington Group against Springbok. The tournament will conclude on June 29th, with the consolation match at 1:00 PM and the championship at 3:00 P.M.

Mansour 2-0-2-4-3-2-0=13
Gonzalez 8 (4 penalty)
Monserratt 4 (1 penalty
Matz 1

Stonnington 0-4-3-1-3-2-1=14
Diego cossio 5
D. Walker 4 (2 penalty)
M. Walker 3 (1 penalty)
Stonnington 1

Springbok 1-1-2-1-0-1=6
S. Caset 4 (1 penalty)
Olmos 1
Von Wernich 1

Gehache 2-0-0-2-2-1=7
G. Caset 6
Giannico 1

Source: Santa Barbara Polo Club

Photos of this tournament taken by Kim Kumpart. Click here to view photos.

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