Eldorado Polo Club - January Leagues - 01-18-03
2-Goal, 4-Goal, 8-Goal and 14-Goal FINALS
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Antelope won the 14-Goal finals. From left to right: Steve Dalton, Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Palmer, Jason Crowder and Shane Rice.

Fish Creek was the runner-up in the 14-Goal Finals. From left to right: Cybele Jordan, Henry Zavaleta, Li Ann Mannix, Julio Zavaleta and Fred Mannix.

Steve Dalton won the MVP for the 14-Goal Finals.

Steve Crowder's Polo Report - Second week of the January Leagues. Click here to read reports.

Action Photos by Lynn Bremner of PoloBARN.com. This gallery includes Junior Polo Program, 2-Goal, 4-Goal, 8-Goal and the finals for the 14-Goal. Click here to view gallery from Jan. 16th, 17th, & 18th.

Video Clips - by Victoria Orellana of Eagle Eye Productions. Click here to view Clips Now.

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