Eldorado Polo Club - January League Finals
4-Goal, 8-Goal and 14-Goal FINALS
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Steve Crowder's Polo Report - Second week of the January Leagues. Click here to read reports.

Action Photos by Lynn Bremner of PoloBARN.com. January 31 - Feb. 1st Finals.

Video Clips - by Victoria Orellana of Eagle Eye Productions. Click here to view Clips Now.

Crash & Burn

Click here to VOTE for January's Crash & Burn of the month.

January Nominees
Mariano Gutierrez
Mariano Fassetta
Bryan Middleton
Gaston Von Wernich
Rodrigo Moran
Katie Moon
Laura Handley
Ted Okie
Negro Gularte
Al Hagen

If you know of other falls that are not noted here, please submit them to us via e-mail. Or if you are listed and do not want to participate, please let us know.

Monthly winners receive $200. and the Season Finale winner receives $1000.

Each player noted in the SADDLE STICK’EM ™ Crash and Burn Awards receives a FREE 8oz Container of SADDLE STICK’EM ™.

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