Leather CPR Saddle Stick'em Crash & Burn Award - Eldorado Polo Club
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Ted Okie won the
Jan. '04
Leather CPR
Crash & Burn Award

021504_0780 021504_0781
021504_0780.jpg 021504_0781.jpg
021504_0786 021504_0787 021504_0788 021504_0793
021504_0786.jpg 021504_0787.jpg 021504_0788.jpg 021504_0793.jpg
021504_0794 021504_0797 021504_0799 021504_0801
021504_0794.jpg 021504_0797.jpg 021504_0799.jpg 021504_0801.jpg
021504_0802 021504_0803 021504_0805 021504_0807
021504_0802.jpg 021504_0803.jpg 021504_0805.jpg 021504_0807.jpg
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