Eldorado Polo Club - March Leagues
March 26-28th, '04
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Grant's Farm won the Skins finals. From left to right: Mike Matz, Andy Busch, Pat Nesbitt, Mariano Fassetta, Joseph Stuart and Steve Crowder.

Martin De Narvaez' horse won Best Playing Pony.

Steve Crowder's Polo Report - March Leagues. Click here to read reports.

Action Photos by Lynn Bremner. The photos are displayed in a new image management software. Names and keywords are still being added (should be up-to-date this week) so you can search the images by player, team or league. Click here to view action images from March 26, 27, & 28th, '04.

Leather CPR's
Crash & Burn

Monthly winners receive $200. and the Season Finale winner receives $1000.

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