Debii $$ Ladies Tournament - Dec. 3rd -5th '04
Eldorado Polo Club

Larson Cart won the Bracket A Finals. Frol left to right: Kim Larson, Trish Fitzgerald, Vicki Owens, Alex Jacoy, Dayelle Bradley and Roxy Keyfauver. Photo by L. Bremner

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Zero Gravity won the Bracket B Finals. From left to right: Alex Jacoy, Mia Digiovanni, Kate Islas, Claudia Uretz and Bonnie Crater.
Photo by L. Bremner
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Megan Towle Won MVP for Bracket B
Dayelle Fargy won MVP for Bracket A.

Caroline Anier's horse won Best Playing Pony for Bracket A.
Vicki Owen's horse won Best Playing Pony for Bracket B.

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Debii Dollar Women’s Tournament
By Diane Hensley

Larsen Cart overtakes Calif. Polo

Desert divas Dayelle Fargi and Mia DiGiovanni scored a tournament-high five goals apiece in finals matches of women’s competition Sunday, Fargi playing for Larsen Cart in Bracket A and DiGiovanni for Zero Gravity in Bracket B.

In Bracket A, Fargi’s offensive strategy and several key assists opened a lead in the decisive first-half run Sunday Dec. 5 that she rivaled in the second to lift Larsen Cart past California Polo 7-3 in the Debii Dollar Women’s final at Eldorado Polo Club. Fargi earned the Most Valuable Player award for her showing presented by Club Manager Alex Jacoy.

In chilly temperatures and under threat of rain, Larsen Cart’s Roxy Keyfauver, Vicky Owens and Trish Fitzgerald held California Polo to a single goal in the first half on three goals by Fargi and Owens’ second-chukker offside slam. Clever inside work by Fargi and Keyfauver and consistent defensive plays by Owens left California Polo’s No. 3 Caroline Anier and No. 2 Cybelle Jordan struggling, down 7-1 going into the final period. Their strong rally in the fourth held Larsen Cart scoreless and earned Anier the Best Playing Pony award.

Larsen Cart 7, California Polo 3
Larsen Cart: Dayelle Fargi 5, Vicky Owens 1, Roxy Keyfauver 1, Trish Fitzgerald.
California Polo: Cybelle Jordan 1, Caroline Anier 1, Shauna Wright 1, Kim Garced.
Umpires: Nick Winters and Miguelito Torres; referee, Kit Neacy.

Mountain View falls to Zero Gravity in Bracket B

Mountain View’s Kate Sullivan managed just two goals under the pressure of Zero Gravity in the Bracket B finals match Sunday in a slow-building trouncing engineered by Mia DiGiovanni and bolstered by Kate Islas’s fourth-chukker flurry to seal the match at 7-3. DiGiovanni outran Sullivan early in the first to even the score at one-goal apiece on Mountain View’s one-goal handicap. Sullivan bounced back in the second with an offside slam through the posts on a pass from Vicky Owens, but that go-ahead goal was quickly answered by DiGiovanni, who cleared the line-up on a breakaway run to even the score at two apiece.

Zero Gravity’s strong defense and DiGiovanni’s golden arm pushed the team up by two goals and held Mountain View scoreless in the third before the final push in the fourth. DiGiovanni scored in the first two minutes on a well-placed pass by Claudia Uretz and Islas scored back-to-back goals capitalizing on turnovers. Sullivan scored a lone goal in the fourth on an assist by Megan Towle.

Megan Towle’s defense earned her Most Valuable Player and Owens the Best Playing Pony.

G&L Ranch won the Bracket A consolation on efforts by Chris Devane, Teresa Volmer, Kelly Torres and Stacy Galindo and Old & Bold clinched Bracket B mustering the strengths of Kit Neacy, Gratia Brown, Julie Block/Lynn Hutton and Caroline Anier.

Zero Gravity 7, Mountain View 3
Zero Gravity: Mia DiGiovanni 5, Kate Islas 2, Claudia Uretz, Bonnie Crater.
Mountain View: Kate Sullivan 2, Vicky Owens, Megan Towle, Viviana Sormani, by handicap 1.
Umpires: Sebastian Tracik, M. Torres; referee Joe Gallemore.
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Debii $$ Ladies Tournament Consolation Results

Bracket A Consolation
G & L Ranch
Chris Devane
Teresa Volmer
Kelly Torres
Stacy Galindo

Bracket B Consolation

Old & Bold
Kit Neacy
Gratia Brown
Julie Block
Lynn Hutton
Caroline  Anier

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