The Polo Report by Steve Crowder

Sept. 19th, 04:  Brazil Is A World Power In Polo - It was a match like no finals in the last three World Cups. Click here to continue.

Sept. 18th, ’04: Rematch – Yes, the first game of the championships was England vs. Brazil and so will the last one. Click here to continue.

Sept. 18th, ’04: YES WE WERE KICKED IN THE BELLY AND I am the only one with a big one. The US team had a very bad day.  Click here to continue.

FIP Report of Games & Results

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World Championship VII Finals Day 4
Day 4, September 12, 2004

Game 7. USA played against Australia. With no rain insight the games continued. This was an important game for both teams, as each team had one lose the game would determine who would continue to the semi final games. The USA team played very well against a strong Australia team.  USA won 12 to 7.

USA Team
1.Chris Gannon (2)
2.Alan Martinez (4)
3.Jason Crowder (4)
4.Steve Orthwein, Jr. (4)

Australia Team
1.Jock MacKay (3)
2.Adam Tolhurst (4)
3.Robert Ballard (4)
4.Brodie Donovan (3)

Game 8. France vs. Chile. What a Game! France dominated the first half of the game but then Chile came back extremely strong winning the game 12 to 6.

France Team
1.Brieuc Rigaux (3)
2.Gaetan Charloux (3)
3.Theirry Vetois (4)
4.Matthieu Delfosse (3)

Chile Team

1.Romano Vercellino
2.Cote Zegers
3.Jose Labbe
4.Alejandro Vial

World Championship VII Finals Day 3
September 11, 2004

Game 5. The game began with a very strong but short rain Brazil, the current World Championship, played against Pakistan. It was tough game for both teams as two players from each team fell from their horses during the game. There where no serious injuries though Raja Samiullah ended up with five stitches over his eye.  The game ended with Brazil winning 13 to 5.

Brazil Team
1. Luiz G. Diniz Junquiera (3)
2. Pedro Henrique Ganon (3)
3. Luis Carlos Figueira (4)
4. Renato Diniz Junquiera (2)

Pakistan Team
1. Hissam Ali Hyder (4)
2. Raja Samiullah (4)
3. Shah Shamyl Alam (4)
4. Shah Qubilai Alam (3)

Game 6 between Mexico and England was stopped during the fourth chukker because of heavy rain. The game will continue on Wednesday, September 15, 2004.

England Team
1. Andrew Blake-Thomas (1)
2. Matt Loder (2)
3. Jamees Harper (5)
4. Tom Morley (5)

Mexico Team

1. Octavio Bermudez, Jr. (1)
2. Ulysses Escapite (2)
3. Eloy Escapite (4)
4. Oscar Garibay (4)

This text was sent to us in French from the Press Staff at the FIP World Cup. We used an online translator to convert it to English. The translation is not very accurate, so we tried to clean it up so it made sense.

Chile defeats USA 9-8 - It was an excellent match. In particular the fourth period was exemplary. The Americans accumulated the faults and the goal of equalization was registered by José Manuel LABBE. In the fifth chukker, the USA team was in a hurry with their goals and the chukker ended 7-7. In the sixth and final chukker, Chile took out the USA égalisère, but José Manuel LABBE ensured the victory for Chle by scoring his fifth goal of the match. The evolution of the score per chukker: 0 - 2, 2 - 4, 3 - 6, 6 - 6, 7 - 7, 9 - 8

Chile Team
1. Romano Vercellino (1)
2. Matias Vial Perez (4)
3. Jose Manuel Labbe Prieto (5)
4. Alejandro Vial Perez (4)

USA Team
1. Chris Gannon (2)
2. Alan Martinez (4)
3. Jason Crowder (4)
4. Joe Wayne Barry (4)

FRANCE 11/AUSTRALIA 2 - Victory of the physical and psychological preparation. The French players psychologically admitted that they form part of a nation able to rise on the level of best. Australia and vice champion of the World had to gain all of their matches in qualification. This victory is the victory of the mind. The French dominated Australia. Evolution of the scores: 2-1, 5-1, 6-1, 7-2, 10-2, 11-2

Australia Team
1. Jock MacKay (3)
2. Adam Tolhurst (4)
3. Robert Ballard (4)
4. Brodie Donovan (3)

France Team
1. Brieuc Rigaux (3)
2. Geatan Charloux (3)
3. Thierry Vetois (4)
4. Matthieu Delfosse (3)

Brazil Wins World Cup 2004 Finals

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Thurs. 9th

1st games League A
Pakistan def. Mexico 13-12
Brazil def. England 9-8

Fri. 10th

1st games League B
Chile def. USA 9-8
France def. Australia 11-2

Sat. 11th

2nd games League A
Brazil def. Pakistan 13 - 5
England def. Mexico 11-4
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Sun. 12th

2nd games League B

USA def. Australia 12-7
Chile def. France 12-6

Mon. 13th

3rd games League A
Brazil def. Mexico 9-8
England def. Pakistan 14-4

Tues. 14th

3rd games League B
Chile def. Australia 16-5
France def. USA 7-4
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Fri. 17

England def. Chile 7-6
Brazil def. France 9-4

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Sun. 19th

Brazil Def. England 10 - 9
Sudden Death Overtime.
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