The FIP World Cup Facts . . .

  • The Federation of International Polo (FIP) has nominated France through the Association Sportive France Poloto organise the 7thFIP Polo World Championship.

  • FIP is recognised and supported by the International Olympic Committee.

  • The FIP World Championship takes place every 3
  • Previous World Championships: Argentina, Germany, Chile, Switzerland, USA and Australia.
  • Play-offs: 31 countries divided in 4 zones of 5,000 players each: North and Central America, South America, Europe and Oceania/Asia/Africa.

  • 2 teams per zone qualify for the final phase in Chantilly in September, i.e. 8 teams in total: Australia, Brazil, Chile, England, France, Mexico, Pakistan, USA.

  • Place: Polo fields of the Chantilly Polo Club, 40 km from Paris and 15mn from Charles de Gaulle international airport.

  • Program:16 Matches from 9 to 19 September 2004 • League games: the 8 teams are separated in 2 leagues, from which 4 teams will qualify for the 1⁄2finals.

  • Finals: 1⁄2finals are played on 17 September and Finals on 19 September.

  • Polo Legend Charity Day: the history of polo and exhibition charity games are organised on 18 September.

  • The FIP World Championship 2004 is supported by the Minister of sports, the Conseil Régional de Picardie and the Conseil Général de l’Oise. CHANTILLY

FIP World Championship VII

The eight teams that will be competing in Chantilly, France for the title of FIP World Championship VII Champions are Mexico and USA from Zone A (North and Central America), Chile and previous champions, Brazil from Zone B (South America), England and host country, France, from Zone C (Europe), and Australia and Pakistan from Zone D (Africa, Asia, Oceanic).

The finals will take place September 9 to 19, 2004 at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly. Patrick Guerrand-Hermes will serve as the organizer for this event. The staff at the club located in Apremont, about 45 minutes North of Paris will coordinate the event. For information on tickets and travel please visit the official website at

The FIP World Championship is played with a maximum of 14 goals per team. The current handicap ratings for each player must be no less than plus one (1) and no greater than plus five (5).

Thanks to these limitations, all the member countries of FIP can play and compete in these World Championship tournaments. Countries are divided into four zones as follows: North and Central America Zone, South America Zone, Europe Zone and Africa, Asia and Oceanic Zone. If these championships were played in the “Open” or “high handicap” level, most countries and their teams would not be able to participate.

Each zone produces a qualify tournament of the World Championships to determine the two teams that will continue to the finals. The previous World Champions and the Host Country of the finals tournament are seated

FIP developed a “Pool System” for the horses as a program to mount all the teams and reduce the high costs of horse transportation. This system is used in all FIP tournaments including the qualifying tournaments and the finals.

The Seventh FIP World Championship is the federation's most ambitious and important international event which included the participation of 28 countries.

FIP, currently with headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA, was founded in 1983 and currently represents the national polo associations of more than 80 countries. In addition to organizing international tournaments, FIP also develops international tournaments for children, conducts umpiring and coaching seminars and encourages participation in the sport of polo at all levels and ages.

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