Indian prince in coma following polo injury
By Diane Hensley

UPDATED 3/8/05 6:59 a.m.
Singh not out of danger

MUMBAI –Shivraj Singh, the 29-year-old only heir to India’s former royal family, remains in a coma in Bombay Hospital, but is showing some signs of improvement, hospital sources told Indian news services on Wednesday. Singh sustained serious head injuries on Feb. 18 when he collided with another player and was trapped beneath his horse in the Birla Cup at the Rambagh Polo Ground.

 “Shivraj is not fully conscious and not obeying verbal commands. There is definitely some improvement in his condition but very slow," CEO of Bombay Hospital Ashishkumar Tiwari said in the report.
"He shows spontaneous movements of his limbs."

Earlier diagnostics revealed brain damage and swelling of the nerves in the brain stem, and surgery to release the pressure was performed successfully, as reported earlier in

Singh, a three-goaler who has competed for eight years, had survived a similar accident three years ago, according to the report. – Diane Hensley

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Updated, Thurs. Feb. 24 6:45 a.m.
Prince condition’s improving

MUMBAI – Doctors in Mumbai reported Thursday that Shivraj Singh, the Yuvraj of Jodhpur, was showing signs of improvement following surgery to relieve the pressure in his brain. Singh, 29, slipped into a coma following an accident in the Birla Cup match in Jaipur last Friday at the Rambagh Polo Ground.
   Neurosurgeon S. N. Bhagwati told Indian news services the prince has shown signs of a “slow but definite and reasonable recovery,” when his blood pressure, temperature and blood chemistry stabilized. A CT scan reportedly revealed the swelling is subsiding, he said. It is not known whether Singh, a three-goal player and heir to the former royal family of Jodhpur, sustained other injuries in the collision beyond the reported contusions in his brain.
   ‘‘In all likelihood, he will be able to play polo again,’’ Bhagwati said. ‘‘But with this being his second injury, there is a chance that his parents may persuade him against playing. It’s going to be a family decision.” –Diane Hensley

MUMBAI – Twenty-nine-year-old Shivraj Singh was seriously injured Friday while playing in the Birla Cup match between Jodhpur Thunderbolt and Cavalry Golcha at the Rambagh Polo Ground. Singh, the only heir to the former royal family of Jodhpur, remains in a coma with possible brain damage and swelling of the nerves in the brain stem, Indian news services reported.

After initial treatment in Jodhpur, he was transferred to SMS Medical College in Jaipur, and then to Bombay Hospital Monday in the family’s private jet as family doctors and his father Maharaja Gaj Singh sought out CT and MRI diagnostics and medical centers with the capability to treat serious cases. 

 Doctors at Bombay hospital put Singh on a ventilator after an earlier 2.5-hour surgery to relieve the pressure inside the skull, performed by neurosurgeon S.N. Bhagawati.

 “Singh is still in coma and not out of danger. However, we find he is stable and in a better condition than yesterday," CEO of Bombay Hospital Ashwinikumar Tiwari said in an Indian news report Tuesday.

Singh, who has played polo for eight years, was hurt following a collision with another player. He was thrown and then trapped beneath his horse in the fall. Singh had survived a similar accident three years ago, according to the report.

The Yuvraj of Jodhpur began playing for Eton College and later, Oxford’s polo team. Rated at three goals, he was short-listed to join India’s team in the 2001 World Cup in Australia, and has won the Sir Pratap Cup in Delhi twice, the Willingdon Cup in Bombay and the Darbhanga Cup in Calcutta, according to Jodhpur Polo magazine. – Diane Hensley


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