Keyfauver scores game-winning goal
Larsen Cart rolls to slick finish in the Bracket I Women’s Challenge with a narrow
defeat in double-overtime.

INDIO – It was the kind of Hail Mary shot you see in the last seconds of a basketball game. But Roxy Keyfauver's well-calculated strike on goal in a dead heat match brought spectators to their feet Sunday at Eldorado Polo Club.

Down 6-5 after the first overtime period against Playa Grande/Arby Dobb Farm, Larsen Cart’s No. 4  Keyfauver picked up a back shot on a ball left midfield by Playa’s Caroline Anier. She turned, released an offside shot and started on the break for goal. Playa’s Kim Kelly rushed in for the hook, but Larsen Cart’s Dayelle Fargi picked up the ball and passed it to Keyfauver approaching the 90-yard line ahead. Keyfauver pressed on unchallenged, turned to target, urged her pony on, then dropped her arm and connected with a 75-yard bomb with 4:53 on the clock.

Larsen Cart was declared the winner of the 6-6 score on net goals from its previous match. Anier ‘s penalty two conversion evened the score in the fourth chukker at 5-5 and forced an overtime period. Just 30 seconds into the first overtime period, Anier reversed a backshot sent by Keyfauver, then followed it with a strong offside slam to goal. Despite heavy hazing by Keyfauver, Anier got the goal for a 6-5 advantage.

Playa Grande/Arby Dobb trailed the entire regulation match, but successfully stopped Larsen Cart’s offensive drives-- holding the one-goal underdogs to five goals since the first chukker.  Larsen Cart’s Fargi put three on the boards, Keyfauver scored from the field within the first two minutes and one goal was awarded on handicap.

Playa Grande played catch-up largely on goals by the No. 3 Anier, and a third-chukker penalty two conversion by teammate Susan Guggenheim.

Vicky Owens was named MVP and Anier’s third chukker pony YoYo received the Best Playing Pony award.


LARSEN CART: Dayelle Fargi 3, Roxy Keyfauver 2, Vicky Owens, Kim Larsen.
PLAYA GRANDE/ARBY DOBB FARM: Caroline Anier 4, Susan Guggenheim 1, Kim Kelly, Shelly Geiler.
Umpires: Mike Kerley, Rodrigo Moran.

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