The Pacific Arena Polo League 2005

The tournament will follow USPA Arena rules:

· -2 (C) players cannot play in any tournament.  However, we will have a special 2-chukkar student division for –2 players.  

· -1 can play in up to 9 goal games

· Any combination of 3 player’s handicap that is within the tournament guidelines is acceptable.  For example a 9 and 2 –1(B) players can play in the 4-7 goal flight; 3 -1 players cannot play together in the –2 to 0 flight, however, 1, 0 and –1(B) or 0 & 2 –1(B) can. 


There will be 3 divisions for players to compete in, as well as overall high point.  The divisions are as follows:

Students (2 chukkars)
-2 to 0 (4 chukkars)
Open (4 chukkars) 

USPA Handicaps will be applied. Non-USPA Players rating will be verified and agreed upon by the Tournament Committee before the start of the League.


$80 for season

DATE                                                 LOCATION

May 28th                                   Lakeside
May 29th                                   Poway
July 16th                                   Playa Grande
September 3rd                           Central Coast

Awards Banquet Saturday September 3rd Time/Location to be Determined


Use of professional umpires will be left to individual club discretion.  In the event of a problem, the tournament committee reserves the right to require use of professional umpires.



Awards shall be provided for the following categories:
(Awards are based on highest number of points in each category)

·      Champion and Reserve Champion Overall Player
·      Student High Point Champion and Reserve
·      -2 to 0 Goal High Point Champion and Reserve
·      Open Goal High Point Champion and Reserve
·      Most Valuable Player
·      Best Playing Pony
·      Best Sportsmanship



Point System:   

Win:  3 points     Tie: 2 points     Loss: 1 point
Most Valuable Player, Best Playing Pony, Best Sportsmanship:  1 point

· Players who play 2 chukkars (either by splitting or in the student division) will received 1⁄2 points

· Players participating in multiple divisions per day will count the highest # of points in either division (not the sum of both divisions).

· In the event of a tie, the player who participated in the most points tournaments throughout the year will receive the award.  Points will be tallied and posted on the Playa Grande Website no later than 1 week after each tournament.  Any discrepancies must be reported in writing within 1 week from online posting date, or the posted points will become finalized.

· Each host club must have a minimum of 3 players participating in 3 out of the possible 4 tournaments.

· Each club will host 1 point qualifying tournaments.

· Each player and/or team will be able to participate in all 4 tournaments, with all points counting equally (NO DROPPED TOURNAMENTS OR DOUBLE POINTS).


One representative from each Club will serve on the Tournament Committee.  These players will evaluate and rule on problems that may arise during the tournament.  In case of a particularly sensitive issue, the committee reserves the right to call in a neutral 3rd party to help get it resolved.

Central Coast: Megan Towle
Poway: Russ Sheldon
Playa Grande: Heather Schuberth 
Lakeside:Kip Hering


It will be the host club responsibility to:

· Tally and email all points for all divisions to Heather within 3 days of tournament
· Have the arena prepared and provide a working PA system
· Supply light snacks & beverage or meals during games
· Provide clean stalls, feed and water for horses staying overnight (at a cost not to exceed $15 per horse)
· Provide announcers (to be arranged in advance with Heather)

HEATHER SCHUBERTH at 714-791-8369!

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