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In the final of the East Coast Open, White Birch defeated  Endeavour Capital at Greenwich, 15-9. Team effort, human and equine, are the keys to victory for the team which has now won six major tournaments in 2005.

"It's important that our horses are not being over pressed," said Peter Brant, patron of White Birch. One of White Birch's impressive string, Criollita, played by Aguerre, was named Best Playing Pony. On the other end, Annabella, an American thoroughbred, played by team patron Larry Austin, was named Best Playing Amateur Pony.

As to the men on this impressive White Birch team, match MVP Julio Gracida said, "they (Endeavour) played well, but we just played more as a team." he also praised the leadership of Aguerre, as a major factor in the team's success.

White Birch jumped into a 4-1 lead (Endeavour one by handicap) in the first chukker, on two goals by Gracida, and one each by Aguerre, and Miguelito Torres, the latter being a nice cut shot. At the half White Birch was up, 9-5, and after the fourth chukker held a five goal lead, 12-7. Aguerre and Gracida finished the day with 7 goals each.

Photos by Bob Lubash
Luis Criado
Mariano sends one to goal.
Mariano turns the ball.
Lucas hooks Mariano.

1. Chris Gannon (2)
2. Guillermo Aguero (7)
3. Memo Gracida (9)
4. Peter Orthwein (2)

1. Miguelito Torres (3)
2. Julio Gracida (3)
3. Mariano Aguerre (10)
4. Peter Brant (4) 

1-Mathias Gerrand-Hermes (2)
2-Herman Tasso (6)
3-Michel Dorignac (7)
4-Francisco Ayala (5)

1-Ralph Giorgio (0)
2-Andres Weisz (6)
3-Pablo Spinacci (7)
4-Marcelo Fraissinet (7)

1-Larry Austin (0)
2-Naco Taverna (5)
3-Lucas Criado (9)
4-Nick Manifold (5)

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