Lan Airlines
4 Goal Arena Tournament
California Polo Club - Oct. 23-30th, '05

Oct. 30th Finals def. J.V. Ranch
GOCLOTHING.COM def. JR Ranch 16-15 in the finals to win the Lan Airlines 4-Goal Turnament. from left to right: Steve Hyde, Jason Crowder, Eric Dix, and Rodrigo of Lan Airlines. The team won a free trip to Argentina. Airline tickets are provided by Lan. The team will play polo at Estancia Don Manuel near Buenos Aires. Photos by Lynn Bremner. Click here to view more photos.
Jason Crowder won MVP of the Tournament. Leo Cosenza presenting Jason with his gift.
Photos by Lynn Bremner. Click here to view more photos.
Claudio Manfrin's horse won Best Playing Pony.
Photos by Lynn Bremner. Click here to view more photos.
JV RANCH was the runner up. From left to right: Daniel Brown, Lolo Payan, Claudio Manfrin, Rodrigo of Lan Airlines and Leo Cosenza of California Polo Club. Photos by Lynn Bremner. Click here to view more photos.
Lan Airlines Consolation

St. George tied Centaur Polo Club 13 -13
Team Line-ups for Lan Airlines 4-Goal Tournament
Alex Rabida (0)
Manuel Questal (2)
Ardisher Radpour (2)
Cary Burch (1)
Mark Register (3)
Danika Rice (0)
Lolo Payan (2)
Daniel Brown (0)
Claudio Manfrin (2)
Playa Grande Polo
Heather Schubert (0)
Shelly Geiler (0)
Jesse Neuwirth (3)
Steve Hyde (-1)
Jason Crowder (4)
Eric Dix (1)
Ernie Darquea (3)
Chuck Stanislawski (1)
Neil Newson(0)
California Polo Club
Alejandro Normdheimer (3)
Denny Shen (1)
Duilio Cosenza (0)

SATURDAY, 10/29/2005

Game "E" 12:00pm (4 Chukker)
J.V. Ranch 15
St. George 13

Game "F" 2:00pm (Round Robin)

Game 1 - 6
L.S.S.I. 3

Game 2 - 10
L.S.S.I 5

Game 3 -
Playa Grande 2
L.S.S.I 2

Game 4 -
Playa Grande 5
L.S.S.I. 4

Game 5 - 4
Playa Grande 3

Game 6 - 10
Playa Grande 5

Saturday, 10/29/2005
Game"D" 4:00pm (Round Robin)
California Polo Club 13
Centaur Polo Club 12

Results of the first two matches of The LAN Airlines Polo Championship played Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 2005.
Game A (Round Robin) was won by "J.V. Ranch" (Lolo Payan, Claudio Manfrin & Daniel Brown) by only 1 net goal. Second place was given to "Playa Grande Polo Club" (Jesse Neuwirth, Shelley Geiler & Heather Schuberth) who end up tied in both legs of the Round Robin.
"L.S.S.I" finished third, tied w/ Playa Grande and defeated by J.V. Ranch for 1 goal.  
It was a very competitive match full of action and excitement. J.V. Ranch and Playa Grande will move forward to play in the semifinals.
In Game B (4 chukker game) "GOCLOTHING.COM" (Jason Crowder, Eric Dix & Steve Hyde) defeted "Centaur Polo Club" (Ernie Darquea, Chuck Stanislwski & Neil Newson) 15 to 6. It was another game full of excitement but with a noticeable superiority on Crowder's team.
Next elimination game (Game "C") will take place next Tuesday at 7:30 P.M. 

"California Polo Club" (Alejandro Nordtheimer, Denny Shen & Duilio Cosenza) will confront "Saint George" (Ardeshir Radpour, Manuel Questal & Alex Rabida). The winner of this match will qualify, together with "GOCLOTHING.COM", "Playa Grande Polo Club" and "J.V. Ranch", to play in the Semifinals Saturday October 29th at California Polo Club, starting at 9:00 A.M.

Lan Airlines
Tournament Links
Action Photos by Lynn Bremner
The Polo Report by Steve Crowder.

Oct. 31st, ’05: The Ranch no match for the "Go Train" - On a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a very nice property called California Polo Club we had the Lan Airline finals. <more . . . >

Oct. 23rd, ’05:   LAN was Go Clothing Day 
<more . . . >

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