Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club
Results from Vic Graber Tournament
Round 2/ June 4, 2006

Los Toros/Prime Source accepting L to R: Michael Rothbard with Jasmine Batis, Mariano Fassetta, Agustin Zavaleta, David & Carla Flynn. Photo by K. Kumpart.
Grants Farm/Klentner Ranch accepting Team is surrounded by their respective ecstatic family members celebrating the win.  Team members only L to R: Joseph Stuart, Andy Busch, Tim Rudy and Justin Klentner. 
This memorial tournament is held in honor of Vic Graber who helped keep polo alive in Santa Barbara during a declining period in the 1950's and 1960's. Established shortly after his death in 1983, the tournament remembers an "old friend" and supporter of the club.
1 p.m. - Los Toros/Prime Source succeeded in winning over Mansour/Chadmar 11 to 10. Augustin Zavaleta led the winning team with 6 goals; 2 were penalty shots; Mariano Fassetta shot in 5 goals, 1 was a penalty shot. Mansour/Chadmar’s Mariano Gonzalez shot in 6 goals, 3 from penalty lines; Roberta Zedda knocked in 3 goals; and Ben Soliemani made one goal.
3 p.m. - Grants Farm/Klentner Ranch won over Gehache 10 to 8.  Gehache was in the lead 3 to 1 and, at only a minute into the game, Gehache teammate Mike Sheller’s horse slid and he fell.  EMTs were called into action, and the game play was stopped for almost 25 minutes while Sheller was prepped to be transported to the hospital.  His wife, Geannie Sheller called in later to let the players & fans know he had suffered broken ribs, but was okay otherwise.  Matt Ladin stepped in to take Sheller’s place.  As his goal-rating is 3, and Sheller is a 1 goal rated player, two points were removed from the Gehache score to even up the playing field.  It was a busy day for Matt Ladin, he had played earlier in the day in the 6-goal Pro-Pool game. Grants Farm/Klentner Ranch player Andy Busch, earned most goals in the game with 4 goals knocked in, 3 of those penalty shots. Joseph Stuart made 3 goals, 1 from the penalty line; and Tim Rudy shot 2 goals in. 

Gehache’s Joel Baker and Ruben Gracida each had 2 goals, one of Baker’s was a penalty shot; and both of Gracida’s were penalty shots; Henry Walker shot in one goal.
Next round of play is on this Friday, June 9 @ 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.  These games are free and open to the public at the SBPRC.
On Sunday, June 11, Father’s Day, play continues in the Vic Graber Memorial Tournament.  Consolation game will be played at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 11 and the final game played at 3 p.m. next Sunday.
Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club
3300 Via Real, Carpinteria, CA 93013

Admission on Sundays: $10 general / children under 12 are free.
Convenient on site parking and refreshments available.
Sunday, June 11 Vic Graber Memorial Tournament Finals @ 1 & 3 p.m.
Sunday, June 18 & 25  USPA Intercircuit Tournament @ 1 & 3 p.m.
This is a regional tournament sponsored by the United States Polo Association. The winner used to represent the Pacific Coast Circuit in the national championships held in Dallas, Texas. Although the format is no longer played off between circuits, it established a very competitive tradition that remains today.
Also on Sunday, June 25  Tailgating Contest

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