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Virtual Memorial for
Curly Ramos

If you would like to post a personal message in memory of Curly Ramos on this Virtual Memorial please e-mail your submission to feedback@polobarn.com.

Curly Ramos was in the Desert during the Governor's Cup and made a point to stop at the game our sons were playing in and to say hello.  It was immediately apparent that he was in a battle for his life as he had dropped a great deal of weight but that did not diminish his spirit.  He was one of the nicest people we came across in polo and he was one to always stop by to say hi each year when he came to the Desert for his annual visit.  We will miss seeing him in the future but are comforted to know he is sharing a laugh or two with those that preceded him, especially my Big Gee, whom we miss each and every day at the ranch!  Our sympathy goes out to the Ramos family at this time and wish we were close enough to Santa Rosa to attend Curly's services to pay our respects because he was a true friend to our family.  Please know that even though we are not there in body we will be in thoughts and prayers for your family.
Carlos and Stacey Galindo & Clan

I first came to California in the late seventies at the old Eldorado club in Palm Desert.One of the first people to introduce himself to me was Curly Ramos. He was then and remained so until his passing, a guy who was truly glad to see you, and you were always glad to see him.Curly was polo and my wife Lisa and myself will miss him very much. To his entire family we send our thoughts. - Tony Gregg

My first meeting with Curly was a tumultuous one.  I was warming up a horse of Jay Cassell's in Curly's arena at Wild Oak.  He asked me how I got into the area.  I said thru the gate.  He called me a liar and I called him and asshole.  He then said "well now that we have things clear, how did you get in"?  The last time I saw him, the end of October 2003, he , Lynn and Lynn's mom, Boots were at the ranch in West Point helping us to harvest the walnuts.  Curly was walking in front of the harvester with my sister picking up sticks and I was bagging the nuts.  Lynn of course was trying to stay out of the dust (impossible to do).  Curly and Lynn have been a integral and influential part of my life and I will miss him.  There will always be a place in my heart where he lives.  Lynn and I are going on road trips. - Gill

May 13th, '04: Curly Ramos passed away on Saturday, May 8th. He was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. There will be a Memorial Service for Curly at the Santa Rosa Polo Club in Santa Rosa, CA on Thursday, May 13th at 3:00 PM. Please call the Santa Rosa Polo Club to confirm the details. In lieu of flowers-we request that memorials be sent to: The Polo Players Support Group, 8374 Market St. #485, Bradenton, Florida 34202-5137 . Please reference on the memorial - Curly Ramos.

I would take just a moment to say how sorry I and most of us in the local polo area are at the loss of Curly Ramos this past Saturday. I say most as most people knew Curly Ramos around here lost his battle with the big C as it finally took him sometime Saturday. We send our firmest condolence to Billy Ramos and his family in these hard times as Curly will missed in these circles of polo. So long Curly and when you get up there get those boys organized and make big Artie, Eric and Big Gee behave will you. - Steve Crowder
My memories of Curly are on a very very kind person with a smile for everyone he came in contact with.  I didn't get to know him close , but was always happy to see him and his family at the field and could always count on them for a warm hello.  His passing will be noted by all who knew him and having known him only enriched our lives.  God bless and be with you Curly for you are forever in our memories. - no name provided

We were saddened by the news about Curly.  On behalf of Sister, Robert, myself, Pat, and all our family here in Brownsville and Deer Park pleas accept our deepest sympathy.  Curly was well liked and respected by his circle of friends.  He will be missed by all.  We as the family of Bernard feel the same. - Pat

I only knew Curly for a few years.  I first met Curly at the cantina while I was eating breakfast, when playing in seniors’ tournament.  I think I finally left about noon.  Curly had many stories, and I enjoyed listening to them.  Each year there after the stories grew.  I will miss Curly at the next seniors, but I am sure he will be watching.  Curly will be greatly missed, and my prayers go out to his wife and family.
- Rich “SHAMU” Schallmo (Rich Schallmo)
Curly will be deeply missed by our entire family.  He will always be remembered as "Grampa Curly" to our daughter Hope, as he and Lynn were there as one of her first visitors when she was first brought into this world.  Unfortunately Curly never met our son Ryan, but we will be sure to tell him what a wonderful, kind hearted man his Grampa Curly was!  Curly was always in a great mood and if he saw you were down he was always quick to pick you up with a joke...or a story!  You will always be in our hearts Curly!
- Mike, Kerri, Hope & Ryan Kerley
I remember Curly and Lynn coming into the Cantina in the midst of one of those "crazy" nites of bartending, and with a humorous comment, and a "between us" hand gesture, a smile came to my face and I knew I could keep up with the craziness...My deepest sympathy to Lynn, Billy, and the Ramos Family~ Beverly Draper

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