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Virtual Memorial in Memory of
Eric Friden
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Eric Friden at Eldorado Polo Club on Feb. 23, '03

Eric Friden's loss is a huge shock to the polo community. He was a great sportsman and a true friend. To have lost him in such a simple accident seems unbelieveable and heightens our awareness of how fragile and precious is life itself.

On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors of the Polo Training Foundation I would like to express our sympathy to Kerin and the rest of Eric's family for their terrible loss.

Danny Scheraga
Executive Director
Polo Training Foundation

The First message on this memorial page was a letter to Sandy Herron, requesting that an update page be posted for Eric, to keep us informed of his progress, and to pray for a miracle. Since then our dear friend has passed away and has gone on to play that big polo match in the sky. Just think of it. Eric at #1, James Rice at #2, Joe Barry at #3, Artie Cameron at back. On the other team. Bob Skene, Billy Linfoot, and friends. Oh my,
what a game that will be.

Eric was such a good friend to Jack and I. He was a good friend to my Church charities, always donating dinner for two at his lovely El Encanto Restaurant. He never said no to that. We were there at Santa Barbara when he bought his first horse, and started to play polo. We were there when his sons started to play. Ronnie, our grandson, and Phillip played in, and won the first Billy Linfoot Memorial Tournament. We traveled together to Barcelona, Spain, and Eric, relaxed, and in love with his girl, Kerin, was the life of the party. Joannie and I asked the stewardess if the Captain could marry them that night on the flight over to Paris. Eric just simply loved his family.

The last time we saw each other was in the Desert at Bill Devane's restaurant. Forever the all American kid, he was in his crisp long sleeved shirt, sleeves neatly rolled up to mid forearm, and his sweater casually tossed over his shoulders, with sleeves stylishly wrapped, not knotted, around each other. He asked Jack how we met, and every one who knows us,
knows that Jack willingly obliged by launching into the tale of our meeting..."I had just finished a job in Vietnam, when they asked me to go to this place called Guyana......

From Dainie to Kerin, this is a Polo wife's worst nightmare, isn't it? All of our hearts go out to you. We the polo wives, have great sadness for you, great respect, and the best love for you. Sweet kisses, sweet kisses, and more sweet kisses to you, our dearest Kerin.

Eric, we love you. To Kerin, Chris, Phillip, and all the grandkids, please accept our heartfelt sympathy, our love, and our kindest thoughts. We have fond memories of your family, and pray God's richest blessings, and His peace upon you all. Be comforted, knowing that our prayers are with you through these tender times of mourning and grief. Much Love, Jack & Dainie Clymer, Jack Clymer II, and Ronnie Hayes.

Let us not underestimate the power of the love of our friends., In polo we must do better than just meet to play and have dinner. This is a time to be with our club mate, and his wife, our friend, and send our indominatable spirit of love, blessings and healing power, and carry them all  on the wings of our friendship throughout this tragic event.  We are in a noble sport, with a very noble animal. We can rise to this occasion of togetherness and send this message of care for this family at this tender time.  Sincerely, Dainie Clymer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Eric's family. In the few opportunities I have had to play with Eric it has always been a pleasure. It seemed that he expected so much from himself that he brought out the best of everyone else on the field. Eric was one of the true gentlemen of the sport of polo and he will be greatly missed. - Anthony and Carole Hansen

Eric Friden at Eldorado Polo Club on March '03

07-29-03 - ERIC FRIDEN passed away today after suffering fatal injuries from a polo accident. A service will be held for Eric at the Santa Barbara Mission on Friday, Aug. 1st, '03 at 11:00 AM. "Immediately following the Eric Friden Memorial Service there will be round trip shuttle service to the El Encanto Hotel for refreshments. Please leave cars parked at the Mission for this reception and take advantage of the shuttle service.

In lieu of flowers, the Eric Friden Fund has been established with the Santa Barbara Foundation. Please make checks out to the Santa Barbara Foundation and in the Memo Section put Eric Friden Fund. Checks can be mailed to 15 East Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Questions regarding the S.B. Foundation: (805) 963-1873.
Thank you."

TRAJEDY HITS THE PITCH IN Santa Barbara -In a low-goal league game today, Sunday July 27th, shortly after 11 a.m. polo lost one of it's personalities who cannot be replaced, ERIC FRIDEN.

Eric had a simple little wreck today in a game that was anything except simple. He lost his life from it. He had a serious brain injury. Our prayers and feelings go out to Karin, Phillip and Chris. His sons just left for family vacations. Eric is also survived by a brother - Rennick Andreoli.

Eric was playing in a low-goal polo game as he had 10,000 times before. He was a very stout member of Eldorado and Santa Barbara Polo Clubs for many years and was also the USPA Handicap Chairman of our Circuit. He was President of S.B. Polo Club in some tough times and stayed loyal as a rock come hell or high water. He will be missed. --Steve Crowder

If you would like to post a personal message in memory of Eric Friden on this Virtual Memorial please e-mail your submission to lynn@polobarn.com.

Eric Friden & Bob Hope passed away today. It was a large loss for the World and it was a huge loss for the U.S. Polo World. When Eric Friden , a real polo player, passed away today. Eric was also a U.S.P.A. Handicap Chairman of the biggest circuit in North America. Above all, he was just one hell of a good guy. He rarely caused a ripple in anything. He was always positive and pointing forward. Eric was tough on the polo field, but never a sore loser. Always wishing he had won, but as good at either as you could be. He had a great wife Kerin and a couple of dynamite sons who we pray for now as our loss is only a grain of sand compared to theirs.

Eric was above all a very straight man in his business, in his personal life and in polo. He was tight, but right. He knew what he wanted and what he felt it was worth to him and it did not matter what you said that was it. He was also a very good friend and fun to be with. He took a lot of crap from some of us like Dempsey Mork and his potatoes, Joe Henderson and his grief and me as I called him Old Silver because I could never find his gray hair. I accused him of using Grecian formula, but never found it. The funniest thing is he was so straight. He hated it when men or boys peed in the tie lines, barns or anywhere but the bathroom. So last week when they put in the portable potty by the tie lines I called him and accused him of that new structure. Right or wrong I know he wanted it. He was a gentle guide to us all. Eric could be with the President in the morning and then spend time with the grooms and the rest of the polo community in the afternoon. We all felt he was a part of the group because he was just Eric, happy to be himself and not anyone else. He had Kerin and his sons and he was a very happy man.

I know as we turn the corner to the grandstands we are going to miss James Rice in the corner and Eric in the next spot. If you've been here more than once you know what I mean! His lovely Kerin must face us all and do it alone, so lets support her and find it in our hearts to help this lady make it through the worst days of her life. So to Kerin, Phillip and Chris it's sad to say, but so long Silver, you will never be replaced. - Valerie & Steve Crowder

My best wishes for Eric's family for this is hardest of times to come for all of them. Myself knowing that a tumble can cost us our lives, but for the love of the game we take that as the way we choose to be. Eric's love for the game was a testimonial in itself and his loss, though terrible, was doing what he loved. How wonderful that such a great guy can go in such a way. My love and heart go out to his family and to Eric who will be watching now from the best seat in the house as we gallop down the field of polo. Eric we love you and will always remember your great love for the game as we too love it. -Kathy Batchelor

I am very sorry to hear about Eric. I didn't know him real well but I liked him alot. My deepest sympathies go to his loved ones. Can donations be made to any specific cause of his. If not I am going to make a donation to the POLO PLAYERS SUPPORT GROUP in Erics' name. If appropriate others would be welcome and encouraged to do the same. - David Offen

Words to my friend Eric . . . You will always be in my heart. You gave me the opportunity to play last Winter and it was so fun to play polo with you. You taught me a lot and I will remember you always. I send my sympathy and love to Kerin, Philip and Chris. - Martin Ravina.

My love to Kerin and sons. Eric will be and has been in my prayers. The polo world will miss him a lot.
- Agustin Zavaleta

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Eric Friden's 8-Goal Team, El Encanto, won the Silver Bracket in Feb. '03 Finals at Eldorado Polo Club.

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