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Virtual Memorial for
Jimmer Newman

If you would like to post a personal message in memory of Jimmer Newman on this Virtual Memorial please e-mail your submission to feedback@polobarn.com.

(Letter sent to Member's of SB Polo Club)
October 12, 2004 - To our Members,

We first want to thank you for your participation at Saturday’s community gathering in remembrance of Jimmer Newman.  For those who were not able to attend, Jimmer was our Polo Manager for the fall 8-Goal season.  We want to pass along the Newman family announcements.

There will be a private family service over the weekend of October 16th in Minnesota. 

The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to:

Polo Players Support Group
8374 Market Street
PO Box 485
Bradenton, Florida 34202

There will be a Celebration of Life ceremony held on Saturday, October 23 at 4:00PM at The International Polo Club Palm Beach.  I will be attending the ceremony on behalf of the club.  You are welcome to send your donations to me and I will be happy to give them to the family personally. 

Cards can be sent to:
Jimmy and Cathy Newman
13328 Bedford Mews Court
Wellington, Florida 33414 

We appreciate all your kind thoughts at this time of loss and difficult time for the Newman family. Again, many thanks for all of your support. - Regards, Thom Narozonick

While I did not personally know Jimmer, I have heard good things about him and his future in polo.  I know his family and what they have put back into the sport of polo and Jimmer was trying to continue that legacy.. When ever our sport loses a up and coming young person/player we all feel the loss.  Those of us who enjoy the experience of playing this sport with our family members and friends can understand the tremendous loss the Newman Family is experiencing at this time.  Our heart goes out to the Newman family and also our prayers to help them through this time of loss.  - Russ Sheldon and the Poway Polo Club

 We first met Jimmer this summer and quickly became good friends. He was an easy person to like – always happy to see you, beaming, full of life. He had the type of personality that brought people together. Whether it was a small dinner, a large barbeque or on the sidelines sitting with him in his golf cart, he was always a pleasure to be around. We will forever mourn his tragic loss, but are eternally grateful to have known him and had him be a part of our lives. - Matti Anttila and Jennifer Death

Although we only knew Jimmer for 3-4 years, he became one of our closest friends.  He was honest and kind.  We feel privileged to have spent his last few weeks together in Santa Barbara.  Our deepest sympathies go out to all his family and friends. 

Just ten days after Jimmers passing, our beloved wolf dog, Niko, died of pneumonia.  Jimmer loved Niko very much and now he is not alone.  Maybe they are sitting together in a golf cart watching over all of us.  Rest in Peace Jimmer.
- Agustin Zavaleta and Wendy Powers

Hello, my nae is Adriana from Colombia and I been playing this wonderfull sport since last year , I visit very oftern this site and read about this , my sympathies  for his family and friends . Regards. Adriana Uribe Ortega

The fondest memory I have of Jimmer is him begging me to turn the hot walker on so that he can ride it.  You see, I worked for his father for several years in San Antonio.  Jimmy was like a second father to me.  Jimmer was my ‘adopted’ brother.  J  Not only did I have Jimmy’s string to tend to, but I had this bright eyed little boy always eager to learn and under-foot.  Although I never got to see Jimmer in his adult life, it is very apparent that he affected many lives by his personality alone.  My most heartfelt condolences go out to the Newman’s loss.  I feel in some way that I have lost a brother.  I will always remember him. - Leslie Phelps

Photo by Alex Pacheco

Oct. 8th, ’04: Tragedy On The Gold Coast - Young Jimmer Newman lost his life last night in Santa Barbara, Ca. Jimmer was the assistant polo manager and was handling all the duties now during the Fall season. He was a 2-goal player, not able to play for a while as he had to have major surgery on his shoulder and he thought it was recovering well. Jimmer was hoping to resume playing next winter.

He was about 22 or 23 years old. Jimmer is the son of Super Polo Manager Jimmy Newman who manages Palm Beach, Santa Barbara & Aiken. It’s a big loss to the polo community and we send our best to Jim and Family to get through this tragedy. -Crowder & The Polo community

International Polo Club Palm Beach.
Dear Members, 

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the unexpected passing of Jimmer Newman this past week. Jimmer was the son of our Polo Manager, Jimmy Newman. During our inaugural year, Jimmer’s contributions to the International Polo Club’s operations were enormous. He was a great colleague and more importantly, a good friend. Our heart(s) go out to his entire family.

On Saturday, October 23rd from 4pm-7pm, we will hold a “Celebration of Life,” in honor of Jimmer Newman. The location will be Isla Carroll Farm in the pavilion next to the stables. We invite our members, the many friends of Jimmer Newman and the Polo world to come out and pay their last respects to the memory of this fine young man. A few words will be spoken by family and friends and then refreshments and a dinner buffet will be served. We hope you will join us.

Sincerely, - Michael C. Brown
Chief Operating Officer
International Polo Club Palm Beach

It has taken awhile for me to be able to respond to this loss. I only met Jimmer a few times this summer in Santa Barbara, and although  I didn't know him well, I know he had become a true and dear friend to my son Joseph. The loss has affected my son son deeply. The saddness and tears shed by those who only briefly knew Jimmer, is testament to the effect his life had on those who met him. I grieve for his family and for their loss. My heart physically hearts at the thought of this loss, and I pray it reminds all of us be grateful for each day we share with our children.
My deepest and most sincere condolences to Jimmers family.
- With Love, Dina Stuart

I am sincerely shock for the lost of this amazing human been, the Newman Family lost. Jimmer will be forever in my memories, and in the memories of all POLO WORLD. We send our sincere sorry, to Jimmy and Cathy. Ricardo Motran & Male Retes (Snoopy)

Jimmer was a polo player, a friend, and a person who made people appreciate life. He will be missed not only for those above mentioned, but also for his kindness to people and horses. Our sympathies go out to the Newman family and we are glad to have known him and his wonderful family. Regards, The Daltons.

If you would like to post a personal message in memory of Jimmer Newman on this Virtual Memorial please e-mail your submission to feedback@polobarn.com.

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