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Virtual Memorial
Thomas Holland

Thomas Holland, 87, of Ajijic, Mexico, died January 3, 2004, at a nursing home there after a period of declining health.

A third generation Californian, he was born in Alameda, California, and studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Mexico. He was best known as a sculptor and polo player, although at various times in his life he was also a ballet dancer, sailor, boxer and fencer. He worked as a radio actor, then in the early days of television before an extended period as an artist at the Walt Disney company.

As a sculptor, Thomas Holland achieved the greatest recognition for his heroic monument to the Pony Express which stands at the western terminus of the historic route in Sacramento, California. The fifteen-foot-high bronze statue was unveiled on June 4, 1976, in honor of the American Bicentennial.

As a polo player, Thomas Holland was most active during the 1970s and 1980s when he regularly played on several amateur teams in Southern California and Florida. His polo experience is reflected in his many equestrian and sports sculptures, including one that was presented to The Prince of Wales at a match in 1981.

In recent years Thomas Holland had been living in the artist colony of Ajijic, near Guadalajara, Mexico. He is survived by his wife Constance Kraus Holland and his grandson Walter Domanski. -Kevin Kraus

While not a member of Thomas Holland's polo playing clan, I too am saddened by his passing. For many years Thomas and his wife Constance were neighbors in Marina del Rey CA. It was my pleasure to know them both and to have photographed Tom at the dedication of the Pony Express Rider statue in Sacramento as well as photographing his work for the  catalogue that accompanied a major exposition of his work at a New York gallery. Great man, great talent and a great loss to all of us..
--Robert Kulesh

I would like to say how great of a man Tom Holland was, he was and still is my step-grandpa. He was a truely amazing man, and showed his sense of humor, and love of life even at an elderly age. I will truely remember him. Please, anyone that is related or even just knows Tom please contact me back- JumpyJess89@aol.com , Constance Holland and Kevin Kraus and I are in search of relatives. Thank you so much. - Jessica Kraus

I never knew Thomas Holland but at one time he was my step grand father,  I remember one year for Christmas he gave me a Charlie Brown jigsaw puzzle.   Walter Domanski is his grand son, and I am Walter's half sister.  I am interested to know if any one knows any thing about his daughter Laurie Holland Domanski or if any one wants information about my brother  Walter Domanski?  Please contact me at charley_alex@bellsouth.net.
Charlotte Alexander

His polo experience is reflected in his many equestrian and sports sculptures, including one that was presented to The Prince of Wales at a match in 1981.

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Tom Holland played in Will Rogers Polo Club and Santa Barbara Polo Club. He was a good, fun player and a really nice person. Tom was one heck of an artist and did some super polo bronzes in his day. Many people have copied his style in modern day polo. -- Andy Smith (via Steve Crowder)

I would like to add my thanks (to Kevins) for your kindness.
Tom's fist love was horses and polo and he kept his sharp mind and
optimistic attitude till the end. He had three requests, which I intend to
fulfill. Upon my death notify my Polo friends, have no memorial service and
scatter my ashes at Emerald Bay, Catalina. -Constance Kraus Holland

Tom Holland was my uncle and I remember him as a fantastic man who loved his family and was truly loved in return.  One of  my favorite memories of him was at his brothers house, Bert Holland, in the 1950's and him walking thru the house with two ONION sandwiches, which he loved. He was famous for his sculpting, acting and so many other things they are too numerous to mention. He was preceeded in death by his brothers Bert Holland & Jim Holland (2003) my father.
I miss you already--Love, Chris (Holland Cassidy)

Thomas Holland was my great uncle. My mother is Patti. (Jim Holland's Daughter)
I only had the chance to meet him once and i do not remember, as i was a very young child at the time. I  do however remember many times that we would visit either of his brothers and listen to all the wonderful stories regarding him. He was an honorable man and an inspiration to the next generation of Holland's. The talent that he possessed is amazing and will live on, as will his memory. I imagine now, that all three of the boys are sitting around and catching up on old times. The Holland family has suffered a great blow with the passing of these great men and at least for me, it gives peace to know they are at last together. I will forever miss the Artist, the Actor, and the Colonel. -- Jennifer Baldwin

Although I have not seen Tom Holland for many years, he has frequently been with me in my thoughts.  Tom gave me a wonderful professional leg up when, as a twenty-something year old just starting out, he hired me to assist him on his monumental Pony Express sculpture.  His kind endorsement later got me a job on Disney's Epcot project.  Tom's sense of humor and earthy ideas about art and life - I'll never forget!  Tom, your one that I wish I could share my successes with because I know you'd appreciate seeing how what you started has continued on!  Mike Hill  

I will always remember the phone conversations I have had with my grandfather. I remember talking to him about what we have seen and experanced in our lives. He was a great and honorable man. He will surely be missed.
Walter Domanski, SrA, USAF, walter.domanski@yokota.af.mil or wd6452@yahoo.com.

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