The Polo Report by Steve Crowder. Click here to read articles for April '04

Santa Barbara Polo Club
2004 Tournaments

April 17th & 18th, '04: Women's Tournament.

April 10th & 11th, '04: FIP Junior Polo Tournament.

April 10th & 11th, '04: Irish Cup Finals.

Governor's Cup Team Line-ups. Click here.

April 3rd & 4th, '04: Governor's Cup Finals.

March 26-28th, '03: Western Interscholastic Regionals at Santa Barbara Polo Club Click here to continue reading.

Or Click below for specific leagues.

-Junior Polo
-6-Goal (Gov. Cup)
-14-Goal Skins

March 6-7th, '04: Seniors Tournament. Click here to view photos.

March 20th & 21st '04, Jr. Officer's, Officer's Cup and other leagues.

March '04: Video Clips by Vicki Orellana. Click here to view clips.

Events Feb. 2004

PoloBARN Articles

Does Saddle Fit Matter For Polo?
By Mehrdad Baghai -
In many equestrian disciplines the fit of the saddle has become a very popular topic of debate. Click here to read article.

Arena Polo Update:

Pacific Coast Arena Circuit 2004 Schedule Posted. Click here to view 2004 Schedule. Playa Grande, Lakeside, Poway, and San Diego Arena Clubs are included.

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