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October & November 2001

Indio, CA: Go Honey Finals on Nov. 25th, 2001. Click here to view more photos.

Indio, CA: Eldorado Polo Club - Road Runner Tournament, Nov. 10th & 11th - click here to view photos.

Poway, CA: USPA National Arena Sherman Cup - (3-6 Goal) Nov., 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Click here to read the results and view photos. Updated 11-08-01.

San Diego Polo Club - CA: Halloween Arena Tournament on Oct. 27th, 2001.

Las Vegas, NV - Polo America Expo October 18th - 21, 2001

Houston Polo Club - TX: Silver Cup Finals - Sunday Oct. 21st, 2001

One week late the results are still the same. Windsor Capital Polo sweeps Texas Tournaments and destroys Morgan Creek in the finals of the silver Cup. The final score was 11-8.

Morgan Creek was still in the game at half time, but their luck went South fast against the California-based Windsor Team. Morgan Creek's horse pool was empty as Windsor opened up a 5 goal lead by the fifth chukkar and coasted home to win by 3 and pick up the Best Playing Pony by Mariano Gonzalez and the MVP by Adam Snow.

It was fun and we really enjoyed Texas. The fields are the best we've ever played on and you can't beat Texas hospitality.

Source- Steve Crowder

Click here to view Silver Cup Team Line-ups and player profiles.


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