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Virtual Memorial
Sue Sally Hale
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To learn more about Sue Sally Hale, visit www.SSHALE.COM

Sue Sally Hale, the "Grande Dame" of Polo and a native of Los Angeles passed away on Tuesday, April 29th, '03, at age 65 at her polo ranch in the Coachella Valley (near Palm Springs, CA) from natural causes. Recognized by the polo world as one of the 20 great legends of the sport, for twenty years she had to disguise herself as a boy in order to be eligible to play in professional tournaments. She broke down the gender barrier of the sport and was finally admitted to the United States Polo Association in 1972 as the first female member. She was a respected professional player, umpire and coach. She was the mother of five, four are surviving, and two granddaughters and a grandson.

She will be truly missed. --Arshia

Memorial Service is Sunday, May 4, 2003 at Medjhool Lake at noon. Refreshments, etc. served following memorial

If you would like to post a message about Sue Sally Hale on this Virtual Memorial please e-mail your submission to lynn@polobarn.com.

A poem by Sue Sally Hale

Man, Line, Ball
Live by the Rules and you won't Fall!

Dash and Dart, Hurry and Scurry
Players and Horses all together in a Flurry

Whistle here, Penalty Shot there
The little white Ball flies through the air

Hooves and Mallets, Turf and Sky
Bypass life's cares, as Time goes by

Total Exertion, the Ultimate High
A true test of Self, The why for which over and over we try

Sometimes unique, yet in the same breadth quite bleak
This game we play also out of which a living we eek

What would life be if Polo we didn't play?
This game about Life called "Giants to Slay"

For this we struggle, laugh and pray,
Hoping to live long enough to Play and Play

The Ultimate goal in which to believe
Is to pass from this Life out where we achieve

On the field of Honor, that's covered with grass
On top of a Horse with a Ball to Thrash
--------------------------------------------------------------------This poem written by Sue Sally Hale and permission has been granted for Polo Players to post it for others to read. This poem received Honorable Mention from the Society International Poetry -2000 President's Literary Excellence Award - 2001 from the National Registry of Authors.

Many Thanks to Sue Sally for sharing this with all of us.

Sue Sal was one of the greatest people I have ever had the chance to meet. She was always kind and willing to help in all that I pursued, but never too lenient to forget a strong reminder if I needed one. I remember always looking at her in a state of awe... and who wouldn't? She was, and will remain to be, one of the most amazing and influential people in polo. She had that inate ability to make me feel like I was playing in high goal when I was only 8 or 9, just because I was playing in the Equidome! I was with the big boys! And what made it even better was I got the honor of riding her horse Bacon. I will never forget that, just like I will never forget her and all of the wonderful influence she has had in my life. Being in college now, it makes the memories fonder because I have had the opportunity to share stories with my teammate Alex about all the crazy things Sal did, that made her who she was. The horrendously bright polo wraps(new color for each leg), the bird Glue, and of course, the possums. It was these things that have made her so special to us all. I know that she will be in my heart always, as now she is spending her time beating all those boys on the big grass fields in heaven. We love you Sal..thank you for all you have brought into the polo world..it won't be the same without you.

-Danika Rice

Sue Sally Hale on April 13, '03, Eldorado Polo Club. Sue Sal was a legend. She was a streak of purple on the field. I had learned about her long before I met her. I had read her poetry, enjoyed her artwork and watched her play. Sue Sal always surprised me when she showed up for a game with her horses bridled in a simple hackmore with no martingale. She was an amazing woman who loved polo and could not imagine life without it. "What would life be if Polo we didn't play?" She will be missed. --Lynn Bremner

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