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Joe Barry
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 Joe Barry passed away on May 18th from an apparent heart attack.

Barry's career included six U.S. Open wins, three Gold Cup wins, the '71 Coronation Cup win in England, and has played on the U.S. teams at the Cup of the Americas. He has coached Outback to the '06 U.S. Open win and Isla Carroll to 27 consecutive wins during the '97 and'98 seasons, including the '97 U.S. Open victory in Palm Beach. Joe also took Bob Moore's Autoplex to the '97 Texas Open Win.

Joe Barry was inducted into the Polo Hall of Fame in 1999. One of his most recent accomplishments was coaching Isla Carroll to win the 22-Goal Iglehart Cup in Palm Beach.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002 - 5:00-8:00p.m.
Goetz Funeral Home
713 N. Austin Street
Seguin, TX

Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 2:00p.m.
First United Methodist Church
710 N. Austin Street
Seguin, TX

The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, you donate to your favorite charity or have a tree planted on the Joe Barry Ranch. For the address of the Joe Barry Ranch and details on planting a tree, call the Houston Polo Club at 713-681-8571.

Joe was a high-goal legend , but also a true gentelman on and off the field. He and his family brought in that high level professional outlook to the sport, but the down home attitude made it all even. He'll be missed, not just for his rating of nine goals, but more importantly for his love of horses and family.
-- Derek Dalton

May 18, 2002: Tragedy Strikes Polo Again - Big Joe Barry, a former 9-Goal player suffered from a heart attack and passed on to the Big Polo Field above. We are feeling for the family as this was a complete surprise. Joe was the head mover for Isla Carrol, John Goodman's Polo Team. He was always an athlete and one of the nicest guys on this planet. Well there is not much to say but "So Long Big Joe." -- Steve Crowder

I adored him. #1, he was damned good-looking and always smiling and #2, he was so supportive of my abilities as a horse trainer. Always complimenting me and encouraging me. I will truly miss him.
-- Kim Kelly
I have known the Barry family since I was fifteen, in Oak Brook we all spent many wonderful summers together, with a cousin that had truckfuls of polo ponies there were not many a young person could ride the Barry's always had a horse for me that was steady and gentle.

Joe Barry was one of the finest people I have ever met, as teenagers I remember setting up balls for Joe on the Fifty yard line and he would be able to put them through the goal at the age of 15.

Joe was not one of those to complain as I became involved years later in the operation of the OakBrook Polo Club. He was always sup portative and you could always count on him to Umpire, help new players, and be a genuine friend to all.

We all know this so I will just say that Sharon. Joe Wayne and his mother and Sister we will all miss Joe Barry and he will always be in our hearts, he touched so many people and as we are a small industry this sport of Polo has the opportunity to see each other year after year watch our children grow and care for each other.

Joe this is a tragic loss for all of us, you are smiling right now and will bestow many blessings on your family and friends from across the boarder of life and a transition we all will make.

There is a dignity of not having to suffer but a shock as well,to those who must travel their paths to your destination without you at this time.

There will be a forest of trees I am sure at the Barry Ranch. Sharon we will be contacting you in this regard.

Most Sincerely, Suzanne Peika

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