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Bill Leslie
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May 19, '02: More Bad News In Polo - I heard just a few minutes ago that this morning Bill Leslie who has been battling a case of brain tumor for the last 14 months also passed away today Bill was an excellent annoucer and a very popular polo manager also a 2 goal player and proably one of the best horse dentist on the west coast . well bill get them organized up there you have a few rookies there so line em' up. so long Bill. - Steve Crowder. -- Steve Crowder

As someone no longer in the game and a former teammate of Bill's in Calgary, I wanted to express my sadness in learning of his illness and recent death. Bill conducted himself in a professional manner on and off the field and always had a word of encouragement for people just getting started. In a sport that by its very nature can sometimes bring the more aggressive side of our personalities out, Bill seemed to have an unlimited resource of
patience, humor and good nature. To Tracy, his friends and family, my sincere condolences; I know he will be missed!


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Bill Leslie was a man who befriended most of the people he met. I was one of them. He was one of the early influences when I was growing up in Canada. A very quiet, yet outspoken man, Bill was a positive force in the Pacific Northwest Circuit. He'll be missed for his quiet humor and his
love of the game. So long Bill .... see you along fieldside. -- Derek Dalton

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