November 2002

Eldorado Polo Club, CA: Road Runner Tournament Nov. 16th & 17th. Click here to view pictures . . .

New Orleans Polo Club Southeastern Circuit Women’s Challenge
Nov. 2nd & 3rd. Click here to continue reading.

Poway Arena Polo Club, CA: National Arena Amateur Cup (0-3 goal) Tournament on Nov. 2-3 , '02. Click here to view photos.

October 2002

Polo Expo 2002 will be held in Las Vegas on October 24-27, 2002. Click here for more details.

Tijuana, Mexico (Caliente Polo Club): Copa Caliente 2002. Oct. 19, '02. <Click here to view photos . . .>

Santa Barbara, CA: Wickenden Cup Finals. Oct. 13, '02. <Click here to view photos . . .>

Centaur Polo Club, CA - Arena tournament on Saturday, October 12th, '02. Click here for more details.

The Polo Report by Steve Crowder.

Click here to read November's articles.

Click here to read October's articles.

Polo Still Struggling for Olympic Inclusion - Article written by Diane Kaminski, and was published in the Desert Sun on Nov. 9th, '02 . Click here to read her article.

Nov. 19, '02: Interscholastic Report by Russ Sheldon - Five Interscholastic Teams played this past weekend at Empire Polo Club in Indio. The weekend was organized by Janet and Rege Ludwig, Empire and Eldorado Polo Clubs. We would like to thank them all for making it a fun polo weekend for the interscholastic teams. Click here to continue reading . . .

Nov. '02: HOUSTON – The Stanford Group USPA Silver Cup was celebrated in grand style beginning October 20 at The Houston Polo Club, where a taste of Texas was met with a bit of Hollywood. Despite the deluge, fans and players were treated royally to a string of events that celebrated the most coveted cup in the sport of polo.Click here to continue reading.

Nov. '02: HOUSTON DELOITTE & TOUCHE TEXAS OPEN CELEBRATES POLO – TEXAS STYLE -Houston's International Polo Season got off to thundering start with a favorite Lone Star event, The Deloitte & Touche Texas Open. Held at The Houston Polo Club, October 2 – October 13, the 2-week series featured top polo talent from around the world competing for Texas' top polo trophy. Click here to continue reading.

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