Events October 2003

Events Sept. 2003

Sept. 28th, "03: 14-Goal Spreckels Cup Finals at San Diego Polo Club, Sept. 28th, '03. Click here to continue reading and to view photos.

Sept. 28th, "03: 0-2 Goal Photo Gallery at San Diego Polo Club. Click here to view photos.

Sept. 14th, '03: San Diego Polo Club. Voyager won the 14-Goal Rancho Valencia Cup Finals on Click here to view pictures.

Sept. 14, '03: Santa Barbara Polo Club - Harry East Memorial Finals. Click here to view photos.

Sept. 07, '03: Santa Barbara Polo Club - Harry East Memorial Tournament. Click here to view photos by Kim Kumpart.

Sept. 6 & 7, '03: Wine & Cheese tournament at Central Coast Polo Club. Click here to read article.

Events August 2003

August 28 & 30th '03 - International Junior Polo Event England vs. USA at the San Diego Polo Club. Click here to read more.

Aug. 31, '03, San Diego: Fernando Gutierrez Memorial Finals. Click here to view photos.

Aug. 24th, '03 -Duende won the Pacific Coast Open FINALS at Santa Barbara Polo Club. Click here to view photos

Aug.24th, '03 San Diego Polo Club. La Jolla Inst.Cup-Gutierrez Cup

Aug.17, '03, San Diego Polo Club. La Jolla Inst.Cup Surf-n-Turf

Aug. 10th, '03, San Diego Polo Club. La Jolla Inst. Cup

Aug. 10th & 17th '03 -Pacific Coast Open 20-Goal Polo at Santa Barbara Polo Club. Click here for Team Line-Ups |Schedule| Results.

Aug. '03 Kauai Polo Club - Click here to read story.

AUGUST 2003 Calgary Polo Club. Click here for August Tournament photos and results from the Calgary Polo Club.

Las Colinas Polo Club Tournaments

The Polo Report by Steve Crowder. Click here to read articles for October '03.

Oct. 27th, '03:Large number of unclaimed horses evacuated during the fire at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. If your horse was evacuated and you don't know where it is, please contact the Fairgorunds. Visit the message board for more details.

Oct. 28th, '03:Volunteers Needed At The Del Mar Fairgrounds. Visit the message board for more details.

Oct. 27th, '03:San Diego Fire Tragedy Affects Polo Community. News From Billy Sheldon . . . (Click here to read message.)

Opossum Cup, Nov. 8 & 9th - There will be a SUE SALLY HALE Memorial Tournament Nov 8 & 9 at Empire/Eldorado and area Polo Clubs in Indio, CA. With a Potluck Party Sat. evening  cost $13 per person.Sign up with Vicky  or call 760 963-9930 home 760 342-7636. Teams will be put together by the Tournament Committee

The Following Arena Circuit Tournaments are scheduled and each of the host clubs extends an invitation for you to enter a team. You do not have to be a member of the Pacific Circuit to play, just a USPA Member.  We will take entire teams or possibly help you find a spot on a team.

Oct 18-19 Poway  Sherman Memorial 3-6 goal

Oct 25-26 Calif. Polo  Delegates Cup  6-9 goal

Nov 8-9  Playa Grande  Amateur Cup  0-3 goal

FIP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ZONE PLAYOFFS - For the FIP World Championship VII, the federation's most ambitious and important international event, there will be 35 participating countries in the zone playoff system to determine the eight teams that will play in the finals in Chantilly, France, September 9-19, 2004. Click here to continue reading.

Oct. 6th, "03: Polo America put on a very good Polo and Equestrian Expo at the LA Equestrian Center this past weekend. Click here to continue reading.

Does Saddle Fit Matter For Polo?
By Mehrdad Baghai -
In many equestrian disciplines the fit of the saddle has become a very popular topic of debate. Click here to read article.

"Ultimate Polo Tournament" in 2004: By Polo America -The tournament will be called the FIP Global Cup 2004. The FIP Global Cup will consist of four teams. Each team will have two patrons (0-2 goals) and two 10 goal players. Nine 10 goal players have contracted to play. The players are Ignacio Heguy, Eduardo Heguy, Bautista Heguy, Adam Snow, Mike Azzaro, Mariano Aguerre, Lolo Castagnola, Miguel Novillo Astrada and Marcos Heguy as the alternate. Click here to continue reading.

Trailer For Sale- 3 horse with living quarters - '84 - Four Star -3 horse trailer with dividers in good condition. Click here to view more photos and for more info.

EXPO 2003
- Is moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles Equestrian Center on October 3,4, & 5, 2003. Click here for more information.

Delegate's Cup, Oct. 25 & 26
California Polo Club
- We would like to invite you to participate in this years Arena Delegate's Cup. The dates will be October 25 & 26. The team handicap will be 6-9 goal. We have several teams already confirmed and our stabling is limited so please make your reservations as early as possible. For further information please contact the California Polo Club at 818-896-6967.

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