Tournament Results & Photos

Aug. 29th, '04: Pacific Coast Open Finals. Santa Barbara Polo Club. Antelope def. Tuscany Oaks. Click here for photos.

Aug. 29th, '04: Winery Cup, Silicon Valley Polo Club. Click here for story.

Aug 29th, '04: Fernando Gutierrez Cup Finals. San Diego Polo Club. Click here for results & photos.

Aug. 27th, '04: Tribal Cup Women's Tournament. Click here for more.

Aug. 22nd, '04: Kauai Polo Club - Savage Pearls Overpowers Bali Hai 7-1

Aug. 15, '04: Calgary Polo Club - Canadian Open. Fish Creek def. Millarville. Click here to continue reading.

Aug. 15 th '04: San Diego Polo Club Surf Cup Finals. Click here to read results.

Aug. 15th, '04: Kauai Polo Club - SABELLA’S SUBDUES ISLAND HARDWARE 7-4

Aug. 1st, '04: Kauai Polo Club Savage Pearls win Whine Challenge

Aug. 8th '04: Gilroy, CA: Silicon Valley Polo Club Hosts 0-2 Goal Tournament. Click here to view photos.

Aug. 1st '04: Bendabout wins America's Cup Finals, Santa Barbara PC. Click here to continue reading.

July 18 '04: England - Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup at Cowdray Park. Azzurra def. Dubai 17-9. Click here to continue reading.

July 25 '04: Kauai Polo Club Sabella’s/Gypsy outlasts Coldwell Banker/Bali Hai 5-4. Click here to continue reading.

Sunday, July 18th, '04:
Santa Barbara -
Tuscany Oaks def. Grants Farm to win Robert Skene 20 Goal Finals. Click here to continue reading.

Sunday, July 18th, '04: San Diego -
Hurricanes/Gypsy won the Rossmore Cup 10-Goal Finals.Click here to continue reading

July 4th, '04: Buffalo Ranch Arena Tournament, Murrieta, CA. Click here to view photos.

June 28, '04: Santa Barbara Polo Club 12-Goal Finals. Click here for results and photos by Kim Kumpart.

June 28, '04: San Diego Polo Club 10-Goal and 4-Goal Finals. Click here.

June 28, '04: Calgary Polo Club News & Events. Click here to download PDF

June 14th, '04: Queen's Cup Finals, England. Click here to read story and view photos.

June 14th, '04: Santa Barbara Vic Graber Memorial Finals. Click here for results and photos.

June 6, '04 - Las Colinas Polo Club, Dallas, TX Hibernia USPA Western Regional Tournament
12-Goal League.

June 3rd, '04 - Las Colinas Polo Club, Dallas, TX Price Of Wales Charitable Foundation Polo Day, Cowdray Park, England

FIP Playoffs & World Cup Results - Click here to read the results & view the photo gallery from the FIP VII Playoffs in Juarez, Mex.

The Polo Report by Steve Crowder.Click here to read articles for Aug. '04

General Polo News . . .

2004 Circuit Sportsmanship Award - Call For Nominees - The Circuit Sportsmanship Award is presented by the Association to promote good sportsmanship in polo and to recognize those individuals who exemplify this quality.  Each Circuit Governor, with the advice and consent of a committee of his choosing, may designate one recipient of the award. If anyone from the Pacific Coast Circuit has a nomination they can sent their nomination it to Pat Governor Pat Nesbitt, 205 Lambert Rd., Carpinteria, CA 93013 or e-mail:

Sept. 2-5, '04: 3rd Inch International Polo Festival 2004, 2- 5 September 2004 - Inch Strand, Dingle, Co. Kerry in Ireland. This year over 20 teams from around the world will compete for the Inch Trophy and the Ungodly Cup on the strand at Inch. This is Ireland’s largest polo event and now in its third year. In a series of matches Irish teams will take on a number of teams from Malta, Argentina, South Africa, the United States, Scotland, England and Wales. Click here to visit the official Web site for this event.

On July 25th the Lakeside Polo Club held a Ceremony of Willis Allen's Life. The intent was to offer a "make-up" ceremony for those who could not attend the June 24th celebration in La Jolla. The Lakeside event was planned using a seat-of-the-pants method, typical of Lakeside, and turned out to be an unforgettable afternoon, also typical of Lakeside. Click here to continue Reading.

FIP World Championship Update - The eight teams that will be competing in Chantilly, France for the title of FIP World Championship VII Champions are Mexico and USA from Zone A (North and Central America), Chile and previous champions, Brazil from Zone B (South America), England and host country, France, from Zone C (Europe), and Australia and Pakistan from Zone D (Africa, Asia, Oceanic). Click here to continue reading.

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