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June 2003

June 29th, '03: Santa Barbara, CA – USPA IntraCircuit Cup Finals. Click here to continue reading and to view action shots.

June 29th, '03: San Diego Polo Club- Pacific Classic Finals. Click here to view photos.

June 22, '03: San Diego Polo Club - Pacific Cup. Click here to view photos of this tournament by John Eckert

June 22, 2003: Santa Barbara Polo Club: The USPA IntraCircuit Cup first round. Click here to continue reading.

June 15th:Guards Polo Club - England. Hildon Queen's Cup Finals. Click here to read more.

June 15th: San Diego Polo Club. John Collura Cup Finals. Click here to view photos.

June 15th: Santa Barbara Polo Club. Vic Graber Memorial Finals. Click here to view photos.

June 8th: Santa Barbara Polo Club. Vic Gaber Memorial tournament photos. Click here to view photos by Kim Kumpart.

June 1, '03: Santa Barbara Polo Club. Pope Challenge Finals on June 1, '03.

The Polo Report by Steve Crowder. Click here to read articles for June '03.

Polo String For Sale with Truck and Trailer . . . A man with 10 horses (9 very good ones and 8 are small) has to quit polo because of non-polo injury. He has a deal for you. The horses are from 6 to 10 years old, all are sound and ready to try. He even has a 2000 Ford 550 truck with T.V., bucket seats, all the cool things and a 15-horse trailer. Here is the deal of the decade. If you have the money, you just need a driver and you're in business. Call Steve Crowder for more info.
Posted 06/29/03.

CHAMPIONSHIP which will take place from July 29 to August 03, 2003. Click here to continue reading.

All England Club Championships To Be Broadcast On Sky Sports Television - The All England Club Championships, the high goal (26-28 goal) tournament based on professional Argentine polo – teams play without a patron - is to be broadcast by Sky Sports Television. The final of the tournament – The Mercedes-AMG Argentine Club Cup - takes place at Beaufort Polo Club on Saturday 21 June 2003. The programme will be broadcast in July along with Blue Tuna’s programme covering the Queen’s Cup Final. For television viewers who do not have access to Sky Sports, the programme will be released on video during July 2003.

For further details and enquiries, please contact: Jon Howarth
Blue Tuna Television
Tel: +44 (0) 208 835 9089

Common Ground . An Essay By Christian Moon - Since the beginning of the November Season in California there has been much said about the definition of a sponsor, pro or amateur. These differences are but small and trifling when one considers the costs to play at any level that are often the very thing that keep most polo players from being “rich!” Click here to continue reading.

PTF Intercollegiate & Interscholastic Awards - The PTF is seeking nominations for the following awards: Male Intercollegiate Player of the Year, Daniel J. Wallace, Jr. Female Intercollegiate Player of the Year and Interscholastic Player of the Year. Click here for more details.

2004 U.S. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP DATE SET - In 2004, Palm Beach International Polo Club will host the U.S. Open Championship and the finals will be played on Sunday, April 18. Club Owner, John Goodman and Club Manager, Jimmy Newman have begun work that will insure a successful and gala event for polo enthusiasts all over the world.

International Polo News: The Inch Beach Polo Festival September 11-14, 2003 Ireland - Click here to read more about this event.

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